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I don’t know what the outsiders think. It is very interesting that all Sabah people finds the “Dog Head” shape of Sabah map very fascinating. After all, there are not many maps that have any meaningful look. The funny thing is we think the others should feel the same too. Most people would be offended to be associated with dog, but this is not the case for Sabah map. If you are a tourist visiting Sabah, you should praise our local people, “Oh gee… your ‘Dog Head map’ is so cute and lovely!” I am not kidding. Well, this dog is not a good watch dog though, since PTIs can come in and out without much obstacle.

We are really proud of Mount Kinabalu too. No matter how poor our state is and how lousy our government is, we are still happy coz we have the highest peak of South-East Asia, like it is our last hope and pride. Occasionally, we can climb to the summit and yell “Sabah Boleh and we are on Top of the World!”, feel good without the need to achieve anything.

Just browse the web sites of Sabah organizations and be impressed by the number of appearance of Sabah map and Mount Kinabalu in our logos. I post just a few examples below.

Such affection really makes the job of designers easy. If a company asks me to design a logo for them, it usually comes with an unspoken specification that either Sabah map or Mt. Kinabalu must be included in the logo. For example, Sabah Crocodile Association, which has wide membership among Datuks, ministers, judges, police, etc., wants to have a logo. I will use the formula below to design the logo. No much creativity is needed and everyone will be happy about the outcome.

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2 thoughts on “Design a Logo for Sabah

  1. According to Wikipedia, Mt Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Malaysia but not in South East Asia. It is the 3rd highest in South East Asia.

    1) Hkakabo Razi of Myanmar-5,881m (19,294ft)
    2) Puncak Jaya of Irian Jaya-4,884m (16,024ft)
    3) Mt Kinabalu of Sabah-4,095m (13,435ft)

    I reckon Mt Kinabalu should be the 2nd highest because Irian Jaya is not located in South East Asia. Is Hkakabo Razi located in South East Asia as well?

  2. Yes, Myanmar is part of Southeast Asia. In that case, Mt Kinabalu is not the highest in SE Asia then. Heheh.. really need to update my geography knowledge.

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