Cultural Carnival, Lahad Datu

I think I am among the very few Sabahans who really appreciate the traditional costumes of indigenous people. Whenever I tried to share the photos of these colourful costumes with my friends, most would answer coldly, “Hmmm, Hmmm… good…” (try to entertain Smoke Head)

Well, I don’t really care if anyone is interested in my hobby. I just enjoy doing it, and that is what motivates me to visit all the local festivals throughout Sabah since last year. After nearly 1 year of photo hunting, I have posted hundreds photos of so many Sabah indigenous people such as Bajau, Suluk, Dusun Tatana, Rungus, Bisaya, Murut, Kadazan Penampang, Kadazan Papar, Lotud, Dusun Segama Subpan, Kimaragang, Dusun Lobou Sook, Dusun Tindal, Kimaragang, Tombonuo, Iranun, Orang Brunei, Lundayeh, Kedayah, Orang Ulu… Hope there are foreigner visitors, who like this stuff, attracted by my photos and come to Sabah. I am looking forward to the Harvest Festival in May. That whole month will be really a harvest time for me.

Cultural Carnival
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I read the news about Cultural Carnival 2006 in Lahad Datu (Mar 11 – 12). Without hesitation, I went to Lahad Datu excitedly to see it. It is fun to look for pretty models wearing beautiful traditional costumes. They are always happily pose for photo shooting. Not bad lah this trip, coz I got the photos of people in Idahan, Lidu, and Bugis costumes.

The 2-day Cultural Carnival was organised by Sabah Cultural Board. I must say it is very well done. They got cultural performance in the morning and evening. The stage setting, dance performance, costumes… all was excellent. High quality show, a big thumb up. Because of that, my index finger lost control already and kept on pressing the camera shutter, until my 1 GB memory cards all full. You don’t need to travel long distance to see this. Just click the picture below to view the photo gallery.

Cultural Carnival
Click Here to see the photo gallery of Cultural Carnival >>

Tour package to Mari-Mari Cultural Village

6 thoughts on “Cultural Carnival, Lahad Datu

  1. smokehead, i must say that you are doing us all (Sabahans in particular and Malaysians in general a huge favour with your blog. You deserve accolades from at least the STB. It could be a long journey, My only advice is to keep it up what you love doing.

  2. Dayakguy, in fact I think Sarawak culture is also very colorful. If I have the re$ource, I really want to travel the whole Sarawak too. 🙂

  3. please come to Sarawak especially in 26-28 May for World Havest Festival, Rainforest Music Festival(7-9 July) and also Borneo Cultural Extravaganza(9-16 September)

    Help us to promote Borneo Cultural


  4. Dayakguy, thanks for the info. May is also the big month in Sabah coz of the harvest festival. i will be interested to see the one in Sep. 🙂

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