Bird Nest, Anyone?

Anyone wants to eat bird nest from Kuala Penyu? I can give you some for free. The bird nest is one of the wonder of Kuala Penyu town. If you go to their old wooden shop houses, you will find that you walk under the bird nests.

Bird Nest

The bird nests are so big. I believe this is the result of those birds and their offspring always come back to the same place to build their home. These must be the accumulated work of many decades.

Bird Nest

The birds create lot of noise and sh*t (I wonder if anyone got “bombed” on the head), so it is hard not to notice them. However, the locals do not chase them away. Instead, they build some structures to support the nest, as if they welcome their presence. I should have asked them why. Most likely, I guess, they think the birds bring good luck to them.

Bird Nest

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Seem like the birds also could tell who is the “outsider.” When I took their pictures, all of them became alert, fly around, and made noise. I felt a bit embarrassed because the noise, which caused by me, disturbed the silent morning of the whole town.

Bird Nest

They are very fortunate to find a safe place under the roof. From what I read from the newspaper, for certain shops like this in Peninsular Malaysia, the Vietnam and foreigner labours catch the baby birds in the nest and EAT them, making the locals feel very uneasy (Because they also find that the dogs and cats disappear).

Photos taken in Kuala Penyu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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  1. is this the same kind of bird as the one that make the expensive bird nests in the east coast?

    INSIDE my house in the kampung also got bird nest. hahah

  2. pinolobu, i think the bird that you mention is totally in black color, based on what i see in the book.

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