Revisit Palm Villa, Kinarut

I think God has answered my prayer. Remember last time I mentioned that I wished to take photos for bikini liang moi at the beach of Kinarut Palm Villa? I never thought that would happen. This was made possible by SPPS (Sabah Professional Photographers’ Society) for every photographers. This morning I took 250++ photos for 3 pretty models. I must say SPPS knows how to select model. Three of them are equally pretty, but in different way, one is sweet, one is sexy and one is gorgeous.

Wendy Lu was one of the models too. To remind you, she was the second runner-up of Miss Tourism 2005 (Sabah State Selection) + Miss Newell. You can see her photos in my previous blog. She gave me a strong (and good) impression, not only she is pretty. In the IQ test in Miss Tourism pageant, when the MC asked her, lover and money, which one is important. She chose “lover” and explained that money could be earned anytime but it is hard to find someone that you really love.


Someone left some fish heads near a hut and that attracted a few bees to have a picnic there. Some photographers were shooting photos of them. Man… everyone was equipped with heavy weapon (camera). My camera is like a water pistol if compared with their $uper camera.

Weird Sea Life The photographing session was running fine. We started at 9 AM and ended at 11 AM. The beauties were wearing 2-piece bikini (my nose bleed til now), and they tried their best to please our cameras. Everyone was having a good time. During the photographing, the beauties were scared by something strange in the sea water. Click the photo at the left to see its video clip. I also have no idea what it is. Is it edible? Please tell me if you know.

Today I am still sick (flu) so I am not in good mood. Just imagine your nose bleed when you have running nose. Therefore, I will not post the photos of the bikini models today. When to post? Me also don’t know.. At the moment, please use macroscope to see the thumbnails below.. 😛

Tour package to Kota Kinabalu

Bikini Babes

3 thoughts on “Revisit Palm Villa, Kinarut

  1. why i never heard of sabah photography soceity huh? can you tell me how to join this soceity?
    do i need to pay money?

  2. Sabah Professional Photographers Society, smokehead you would expect all to use SLR at least.. none will use those little guns like we do…
    cant wait for the photos!! nose bleed…

  3. I see SPPS on the news quite often on Chinese newspaper. I am not a member so i don’t know how to join. i am not qualified lah, no SLR… 🙁

    The bikini photos… i guess i will not post them here forever. i already share them with my “loyal” supporters. For the most of you who only read n never post a comment to support my blog, u don’t deserve my exclusive treatment. X-P i m still sick, so i m very moody..

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