Revisit Lok Kawi Zoo

My last visit to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park (Taman Hidupan Liar) was in Mar last year. That time there was no reptile house, sun bear, zebra, animal shows, etc. The place is getting more interesting now. Still, I haven’t seen everything coz of the rain at 3pm. Next time I will come back to check out their elephant ride at Children’s Zoo, and also the Botanical Garden.

Sun Bear and Zebra

We can see crocodiles, lizards, tortoises and snakes in the Reptile House. A few snake got weird names such as Banana Snake (Ular Pisang) and Dog-Toothed Cat Snake. The main attraction is the big long King Cobra. The funniest thing is the crocodile pond looks more like a wishing well. Probably every Malaysian think crocodiles only eat money, like our “Buaya” politicians.

Money Croc

Ah… finally I got a few upclose decent shots of Proboscis Monkeys. Unlike other monkeys, it is very hard to get good picture of Proboscis Monkey, as they are relatively more timid. I have seen them in my trip to Klias and Kinabatangan River, but they flee before I could have a closer look of them.

Proboscis Monkey

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Last time they didn’t have any male Proboscis Monkey. Not only they got one now, they also two new baby Proboscis Monkeys born in the park.

Proboscis Monkeys

However, to make the photos look like taken in the wild, I have to avoid the background with cage, fence, and man-make structures. To achieve this, I have to change the shooting angle, composition and depth of field setting. It can be difficult coz the hot weather would make the animals hide under the shaded area. I also need a lot of patient to wait for them to move to the good spot for photography.

Pygmy Elephant

Overall, I am quite happy with what I got. Last year a photography society organised a photography contest in this zoo. At that time, I was not confident so I didn’t join. Hopefully they will organise again this year.

Pygmy Elephant

This park will be my new favourite place for photo shooting. I also saw some interesting scenes along the way. I just shared them here. For example, the Orangutan below tried to chase away the baby otters during feeding time.

Orang Utan, Gibbon

From their leaflet, they say they will build 1.4km forest walk, canopy walk, mountain biking track and the observation pavilion. I can’t wait to try them already. Please let me know if you find that they are completed.

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