toilet washer

Butt Washer?

Actually I had heard of butt washer many years ago, but this was the first time I saw it in The Mark’s Lodge in Sandakan. When I saw this weird pipe stick out of the toilet bowl, I thought some pervert installed a spy cam to watch people sh*t, though I don’t really mind.

Butt washer

This butt washer is considered as outdated technology, since Japanese version can clean the a$$hole as well as drying it? Anyway, so far this is the only Sabah hotel where I find this interesting feature. I just let you know in case you like to try it out.

Butt washer

Turn it on and you will get a jet of water spray shoot at your hole. If you turn around, you can wash something else, hehe… BTW, I was told that a doctor said very few Muslim got hermorrhoid compared to Chinese coz they clean “it” with water and hand. No kidding. Tissue paper can’t clean our x totally.

Butt washer

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Back to the washer, you can increase the force, so strong that it could hurt. The photo below is still not the display of full power of the pipe. Sorry ah, I just make fun of this thing, not laughing at the hotel who is so considerate. It is useful to senior and handicapped people who have difficult to do the cleaning. It will be better if the water is warmer.

Butt washer

Personally I didn’t try it. Somehow I think it would give me a funny feeling of someone licking my butt.. 0_o

Photos taken in Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

4 thoughts on “Butt Washer?

  1. I think this is common apparatus in womens toliet. It’s often called a beday (french word). Outdated you say? It’s better to have this than a hose which always seems to be missing the spout. So your the guy who always diddles on the floor playing with the thing. Did you go into the wrong toliet Of course this device is not WANITA only it’s just a good green idea.

  2. Butt Washer or Hand Bidet Sprayer or Toilet Sprayer or even “Bum Gun” it has many names but the important thing is that it’s not a Bidet but a Hand Held Bidet Sprayer and it’s better than a Bidet. Better because it does a superior job of cleaning you, better because it can be installed in any size bathroom with no new plumbing required, better because it cost far less; to buy, install and maintain.

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