Ice-Cream bean

Ice-Cream Fruit

I found this “ice-cream fruit” in countryside of Kota Belud. It grows on a tree and looks like a bean.

Ice-Cream Fruit
Ice-Cream Fruit
Open it and you will see marshy meat inside. I tried it and the fruit is soft and taste like cotton candy, but not too sweet.

Ice-Cream Fruit
Above: the seed of ice-cream fruit

Nobody can tell me its name coz all village people call it ice-cream fruit. Quite a nice treat if you don’t want real ice-cream in remote area.

Photos taken in Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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5 thoughts on “Ice-Cream Fruit

  1. I’ve been looking for this tree in Sabah… can you buy the pods at the market? Is the tree very common in Kota Belud?

    1. Hi Brian, I haven’t seen one sold at the market. This tree is not uncommon in countryside, so you can ask the villager for the pods. Sabah Agriculture Park (Tenom) also plants this fruit.

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