Crocodile in Likas River

Crocodile in Likas Sport Complex!

The presence of a crocodile in the lake of Likas Sport Complex became headline in a local newspaper last week. In the past, sighting of crocodile was also reported in the rivers of Petagas, Papar, Tuaran. Every time it created fear among the public, but I would say we have better chance of being bitten by a stray dog than a crocodile. Instead, we should concern more about YB Buaya (corrupted politician) that eats our money and Buaya Darat (playboy) that eats lady’s heart, both cause real harm and we have many of them in Malaysia.

Signboard: Beware of Crocodile
Update: This 2-year crocodile was captured on 10 Sep 2014 and was sent to Lok Kawi Zoo. Sabah Wildlife Department still leaves the warning sign and trap there, just in case there are other crocodile.

lake of Likas Sport Complex
Pic: Likas Sport Complex

Likas Sport Complex is a famous jogging park crowded with juicy joggers during weekends, presumably making it a profitable spot for man-eater. It has a beautiful lake that connected to Likas River. The view is just amazing when the sunset is reflected on the water, a nice treat for people after workout (Now you also can do a selfie with the croc). Sometimes the park got visitors from nearby mangrove, you would see box turtle and monitor lizard crawling slowly next to the jogging trail, or hearing the hoarse call of kingfisher.

small crocodile
Actually I think I had seen the same crocodile last year. It was found by a few locals in a mangrove in Likas. Hearing the news, I grabbed my camera and came to its favorite bathing spot, but I saw nothing but a calm river. “Just remain still and wait,” a local lady said.

juvenile crocodile
I did as told. A few minutes later, I saw the head of a crocodile emerged from the murky water a few metres away from me. It’s quite small, only a few feet, obviously a juvenile (like the photo below).

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children playing with small crocodile

small crocodile
I wonder why there is a crocodile in densely-populated area. Many years ago, I studied in a primary school near this mangrove, and there was a big crocodile being shot behind our school. I hope this small crocodile won’t face the same fate.

crocodile under water
Sabah Wildlife Department knew about this and they wanted to trap it but it left. Now we know where it is. It may have grown bigger in 10 months. Though I haven’t seen it, I guess it still hasn’t reached a size that brings real threat (if it’s the same croc)? Visitors should stop feeding fishes and turtles at the lakeside, as it’ll attract the attention of crocodile.

putting foot into water
To show that it’s safe, I even put my foot into the water for minute. I worry more about the bacteria in filthy water.

Below is the video of this crocodile. It was dozing off, so cute.

man eater crocodile
Pic: you only need to be afraid when the croc grows this big. This is a man-eater that took the life of a villager in Sandakan.

When I read the news, I laughed when the reporter showed a photo of monitor lizard and called it a crocodile. Anyway, they got the photo right the next day.

Lizard Vs Crocodile

Monitor Lizard is a big reptile and very commonly mistaken as a crocodile. I even wrote a blog making fun of this.

monitor lizard

Seem like we don’t know our wildlife really well.

Photos taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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