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Murphy on Mengalum Island
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Welcome to my Blog! πŸ™‚

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Murphy and you may call me Tadpole. I’m just an ordinary Sabahan who loves traveling, photography and blogging. profile I’m also an IT guy who wants to get out of my little cubicle and see the beautiful world outside. Currently I’m working as a Web Developer in tourism industry, and I help my company to promote Sabah through different Digital Marketing channels such as website and social media.

Applying my computing and photography skills to work brings me job satisfaction, but using these skills to create a media-rich travel blog gives me a fulfilled life! I’m always looking forward to visiting new destinations in Sabah, the land below the wind.

What is this Blog about?

This blog is all about Sabah, especially places of interest. To make my travelogues more informative, I try to use different types of content (writing, video, photos, diagram, map, animation, etc.), so the readers can see clearly what I experience. If you like what I write, I’ll be really, really thankful if you would share my blog with others. Your support is my only source of motivation. πŸ™‚ Thank You!

Murphy Ng
Credit: leech bite photo Β© Cede Prudente

I have been through many challenges to get the unseen and interesting scene of Sabah. I climbed the top 3 highest mountains of Malaysia, jungle trekking in the most remote forest of Sabah, diving in deep ocean, eating weird food, etc. But my exploration is far from over, there are just too many wonderful places to visit and too many things to try in Sabah.

Why I start this Blog?

Back in year 2005, Internet had very limited information (and photos) about Sabah as a travel destination. There was also a lack of Original Content about Sabah. I have only one simple goal – cover every great destinations in Sabah.

Murphy Ng

Last year (2015) is 10th anniversary of my blog, and I’m still writing today. Such persistence is already a miracle to me because my interest is usually very short-lived LOL. Anyway, I believe when people find their passion, they are unstoppable, and they can make amazing thing happen.

Murphy Ng

Secondly, most people, even our locals, only know Mt. Kinabalu as the places of interest of Sabah. I have seen so many other beautiful places in Sabah, but nobody mentioned it on the Net. Therefore, I’m very keen in sharing new and little-known attractions of Sabah online and always happy to be the first to feature them.

Ok! Let’s Visit Sabah!


I have been blogging since Aug 2005, and now MySabah.com has over 800 articles, 250 videos and 30,000 photos about Sabah. My blog receives about 30,000 to 40,000 unique visitors per month. 60% of them are from Malaysia and the rest from overseas countries. My articles (or / and) photos were published in New Sabah Times newspaper, Going Places (inflight magazine of Malaysia Airlines), Breeze Magazine, Sabah Malaysian Borneo Bulletin, The Star, Strait Times, See Hua Daily News (θ―—εŽζ—₯ζŠ₯), Sinchew newspaper (星洲), Overseas Chinese Daily News (华侨ζ—₯ζŠ₯) and other publications.

Some Media Exposure

My article in Going Places (Sep 2018)
My article “Kota Kinabalu Must Eats” in Going Places (Sep 2018)
Murphy interviewed by Breeze Magazine in Aug 2015
Interviewed by Breeze Magazine in Aug 2015
Murphy featured by See Hua Daily News (θ―—εŽζ—₯ζŠ₯) in Dec 2015
Being featured by See Hua Daily News (θ―—εŽζ—₯ζŠ₯) in Dec 2015
One of my videos went viral and reported by the Star
One of my videos went viral and reported by the Star on 27 Jan 2016
Chinese articles that Murphy wrote for See Hua Daily News (θ―—εŽζ—₯ζŠ₯)
One of the articles I wrote for See Hua Daily News (θ―—εŽζ—₯ζŠ₯). I can write fairly well in Chinese.

Let’s get Connected!

I’m reachable at me@mysabah.com or pixelman@usa.net. To keep informed of cool update about Sabah, please follow my pages below. Have a nice day.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VisitBorneo
Video: http://www.youtube.com/sabahborneo
Google+: +MurphyNg
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mysabah

71 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Tadpole, may I know from where did you get the picture of firefly specimens preserved in vials??… I believe the specimens are mine because I can see clearly my name MM Dawood written on the label… Sincerely yours, Mahadimenakbar bin Mohamed Dawood

  2. Hi Doctor, yes, these are your specimens. I got the photos in your firefly workshop in KK Wetlands. Hope you don’t mind I post them. I can remove the photo if you like to.

  3. hi u can try the best ngiu cap at Kedai kopi Kinabalu, behind the Public Bank Jalan Pantai….This is the best ngiu cap at sabah that i eat…….The shop also sale Fish Head noodles and kuching laksa

  4. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I agree with you. However, you will never this blog if I want to I wait until my English is perfect. πŸ™‚

  5. Greetings to you Murphy. You’re providing lots of interesting information and thank you for everything. I’d stepped into the land of Sabah only 3 years ago. Ever since then, I have consistently landed onto the land of Sabah annually, by chance. It felt like home. Thank you for your generosity and your passion for everything you are doing.

  6. Whose English is up to international standard? Even lots of English-speaking people here in Canada and the U.S. don’t write proper English. Murphy is doing a great job. Alenk, be more constructive in your criticism.

  7. Great blog, thanks alot! I will be visiting KK soon in December, hope to see all those beauties myself ))

  8. Hello Murphy , my name Le Thuan , i live in Viet Nam , i love nature , trips and especially plant ( trees)
    i like red flesh durian in Sabah your country , i love the special beautiful that
    i have a farm in south Viet Nam and i want red durian planting
    can you help me buy red durian seeling and shipping to Viet Nam

  9. Murphy,
    A friend and I came across your blog as we were trying to travel around Sabah two weeks ago. We were so happy to see that you had posted so much information regarding public transport! This blog literally saved us so much time and confusion! We are telling others about your blog on our blog also! Thank you for your time and effort in writing this!

  10. Hello Dana, thank you too for your nice words. I see visitors to Sabah as friends and really hope I can help them to get around well here. I’m really glad that my blog helps. Have a nice trip and Happy New Year! πŸ™‚

  11. Dear

    I am fun of
    your blog. Is there any possibility to send me some rare sweet durian seeds,
    paying you of course?

    Thank you
    in advance,


  12. G’day
    Just wanted to thank you for all your work on this blog. It has all the good nature destinations I’ve been looking for all in one place. The google map in particular has been exactly what I have been looking for over the past few months in preparation for upcoming 2week holiday in Borneo. 1day Mt Kinabalu climb was the reason to come, but now there are enough places to see to stay for months.

    Keep it up

  13. G’day
    Just wanted to thank you for all your work on this blog. It has all the good nature destinations I’ve been looking for all in one place. The google map in particular has been exactly what I have been looking for over the past few months in preparation for upcoming 2week holiday in Borneo. 1day Mt Kinabalu climb was the reason to come, but now there are enough places to see to stay for months.

    Keep it up

  14. Greetings from Yorkshire, England. Thank you for such superb information, photos, videos etc. The most comprehensive guides on the entire web for Sabah. Looking forward to my visit in Sept/Oct.

  15. Wow, I just found out about your blog when I was searching for information about trekking in Maliau. The information was really comprehensive up until telling where to buy the leech socks and other ways to prevent leech bites. As a fellow sabahan, your blog makes me want to explore Sabah further and maybe start my own blog. Keep up the great work man!

  16. Thank you Jun for the encouragement. πŸ™‚ It’s indeed a rewarding journey to blog about what Sabah has. There are still many beautiful places in Sabah waited to be introduced to the world. I fully support your initiative. ^_^

  17. Hye,im really looking high to u..im from peninsular and just studying at sabah around 4 years. i really love to travel like u and see a lot of beautiful places at Sabah. its my dream to go to Imbak Canyon, Maliau Basin and Lembah Danum which rich with biodiversity.. just whats worry me its the costs..btw,ur infomation really help me..

  18. Hi Tadpole, I don’t think you’ve mentioned the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre in Sepilok ever, it would be great to see more about it! What do you think?

  19. Thank you Kate, it’s a great idea. =) Actually I’ve been thinking about it. However, I visited BSBCC before it’s open to public, so I need to visit it again to write a more accurate and complete article about it.

  20. Wow Murphy, u really got the zeal… I just browsed for Sabah Map just now and by and by as i followed the links, i landed in this blog. At first, I saw a blog post written in 2006 and just out of curiosity I clicked the title to see when was ur recent post…pleasantly surprise that ur blog is so well updated. Thanks for ur sharing. Rgds, Joyce.

  21. You are welcome Joyce. I have been trying to blog at least once a week. It’s already 10 years but I’m not done yet. πŸ˜€

  22. hello..
    i just wanna know wether i can book the rest house in mamutik island for 2D1N trip…u’r help is mostly appreciate

  23. Hi Angel, the rest house on Mamutik had closed for a long time, but accommodation is available in Manukan and Gaya Islands nearby. You can find the info in my blog.

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