Balsam Cafe

This is just another follow-up attack to the poor service provided by Sutera Sanctuary Lodges. Yes, after the bad experience in my trip to Mt. Kinabalu, I still want to criticize them, until they improve (which I doubt)..

Balsam Cafe

Anyway, it is a mistake to appoint a company, which does NOT know anything about service, to manage Kinabalu National Park, the most important tourism site in Sabah.

Balsam Cafe

I went to the Balsam Cafe in Kinabalu National Park last week. When I ordered a coffee, they said coffee was self-service, I had to get it myself. I don’t understand lah. The coffee maker is just a few meters away. Was she handicapped or what, so she couldn’t get the coffee for me? It is a small job for me too. But I paid RM4.00. The coffee costs me RM1 in other places, but the waitress still brings it to my table, even Coffee Bean does that.

Later I saw a group of foreigner tourists standing in front of the coffee maker. I believe they had difficulty to understand English instructions, so it took them quite a while to get the coffee. There were a few staffs roaming freely around, but none of them came to help. I also tried their fried rice. Their food still sucks and expensive.

Tour package to Kinabalu Park

Balsam Cafe

FYI, you can go to the Bayu Kinabalu Restaurant in front of the park entrance. Their food tastes better and more affordable.

8 thoughts on “Balsam Cafe

  1. hahaha… SSL.. that’s where my mom work everyday…
    i prefer seafood than makan ordinary meal…

  2. aiya… layan diri lar bah sendiri…
    don merajuk bah…

    if u live in overseas…
    there’s no one will help you to bring ur food to the table…. u pick, u take.. u go to the counter.. u pay… and then u throw the food to the dustbin…

    see how independent they are… malu sia time d italy itu budak2 pigi tiao saya…

  3. Haha. I don’t like to eat there too. I always eat at Zen Garden’s restaurant. Food is MUCH better. Nice environment lagi.

  4. Sutera Sanctuary Lodges is operated under 1 roof of Sutera Harbour Resort as well as North Borneo Railways.

    It was a brand of 5 Star dude!!
    Hence, there should bring and implement this 5 Star services & hospitality to their sisters management.

    It can be..
    Too many sisters.. so hard to monitor!
    I guess, The Sutera Santuary Lodges having their internal prob.

    Feedback is good as they’ll know how far they stand.
    Staff training should be emphasize more.
    Otherwise, import a good manpower from other places..
    Surely, will close-up rice bowl of our local ppl..

    Wake-up SSL management!
    ppl keep condeming u!


  5. Hhhmm….. I think they should do better with thier service … As comparing to oversaea, for example Japan … learn from better ones instead of worse so we’ll improve ….

    McDonald self-service cost it’s cheap. RM4 riggit for cheap Nescafe and RM15 for fried-rice that taste like shit, and ask for selfservice ? that’s really too much ….

  6. I heard lots of complaint especially from local sabahans that they hardly get a place especially when climbing Mt.kinabalu. SSL always says that it is fully book and the information given was not that accurate. Jual mahal mungkin! BTw, my freind and I intend to climb Mt.kinabalu this yr through masilau.Can u pls enlighten me on how to go about to that place by using a pulic transportation. I am trying to get a accurate picture about the tarnsportation and the charges.

  7. tu la korang….banyak2 tampat mau pigi makan sana!!! turun pigi Ranau lagi bagus!!! sadappp lagi!

    Anyhow guys,sia tengah buat Sabahan punya (ori) book recipes. Klu korang ada resipi dari org tua korang , sya appreciate klu boleh antar pd sya.

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