Tamu Besar of Kota Belud, Sabah

Kota Belud, "the Land of the Cowboys of the East", has successfully organized the Tamu Besar from Sep 24 to 25, 2005. Tamu is the local language for "open market". Tamu Besar means "Big Open Market". It is a place where all farmers, fishermen, and vendors gathers weekly to sell their products. You can find all sort of products for sale here, food, drink, vegetables, fruits, clothing, seafoods, handicraft and many other daily-use items, so it is more like a supermarket of the village people. Kota Belud Tamu Ground is the biggest Tamu in Sabah and is open on every Sunday morning.

Besides the Pesta Kaamatan (Harvest Festival), Tamu Besar is one of the most colourful tourism events in Sabah. Bajau people have been famous for their colourful costumes, handicraft and horse riding skill. And the best time to appreciate all these features is in annual Tamu Besar. Don't worry if you miss it this year. I have shared over 200 photos and 7 short video clips below.

Event Highlight

If you come to Tamu Besar, there are five things that you must not miss (Please see below).

1. Bajau Horsemen
Bajau is also known as the Cowboys of the East.

(48 photos, 1 video clip)
2. Tamu Besar Beauty Queen (Ratu Serimpak)
See the colorful costumes of Bajau and Iranun ladies.

(48 photos)
3. Sport With Animals
People, buffalo and horses work together to have fun and win.

(24 photos, 2 video clips)
4. Tamu (open market)
Enjoy shopping around in this biggest native markets

(24 photos)
5. Cultural Performance
Music and traditional dances by Bajau, Iranun, Dusun, Malay, Chinese...

(72 photos, 4 video clips)