Tamu Besar, Kota Belud, Sabah
Bajau people is famous as the Cowboys of the East. They have been breeding horses for 50 years and supply many good race horses. Tamu Besar is a big day for the Bajau horsemen and tourists. On this day, 100 Bajau horsemen wear their Bajau costumes and decorate their horses (actually are ponies, to be precise) with colorful outfit. They will use horses to do different movement and formation. When 100 horses move, the bells on their necks jingle and make loud sound. Photography is welcome. The horsemen are very nice and cooperative, they will look at the camera when you point the camera at them. (But they usually don't smile. Probably they want to look like a warrior.) If you would like to try out horse riding, you can pay RM10 (about US$2.50) for an unforgettable experience.


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Title: Horsemen
Format: Windows Media Video
Length: 2 min 57 sec
Description: 100 Bajau horsemen doing different formation. See the Cowboys of the East in action. Watch Now!

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