Tamu Besar, Kota Belud, Sabah
It is not easy to be a cowboy. You need to be able to handle both horses and buffalo. They are big animal and sometimes... hard to predict their behavior. The most fun part of the sport are the buffalo racing and seize a chair game. I always thought that buffalo was a slow moving creature. After watching the race, it totally changed my impression.


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Title: Buffalo Racing
Format: Windows Media Video
Length: 27 sec
Description: You had seen horse racing, dog racing, mouse racing, frog racing... But have you seen buffalo racing? Watch Now!

Title: Seize a Chair
Format: Windows Media Video
Length: 57 sec
Description: This is a famous game. Usually done by a group of people, to grab limited seats. But the horses will join the game this time (make sure they don't sit on you). Watch Now!

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