Mount Kinabalu Summit Trail, after 6 KM (until the Summit)
The name "Kinabalu" originated from the local dusun word "Aki Nabalu", means "The revered place of the dead." In the past, the locals believe that Mount Kinabalu was the place where the spirits of the dead rested, so they treated the mountain as a sacred place. According to the documentation, Sir Hugh Low was the first person reached the summit in 1851. That's why the highest peak, Low's Peak, was named after him. The plant is getting less as you move higher. The temperature will be near to freezing point on top, so you better have something to keep your fingers and ears warm. No, it will not snow. But get your raincoat ready. You will need it badly if it rains.


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360 degree view

Title: Great view of the horizon
Description: Now you don't need to spend two days of climbing to get there to enjoy the spectacular view of the Mount Kinabalu. Click the link to get there in a minute! >> Experience It!

Title: View from highest peak
Description: Take a 360 degree turn on top of the Low's Peak. No climbing required. >> Experience It!

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