Mount Kinabalu Summit Trail, 2 KM - 4 KM (until Layang-Layang Hut)
When people climb Mount Kinabalu, they rush to the destination. Personally I think it is a waste to walk in hurry. The Summit Trail is one of the best jungle trails in Malaysia coz you can see tropical lowland rain forest, montane temperate forest and alpine meadows plant in one trail.

The Mountain Guide always tries to push you coz they worry that the weather will turn bad or you cannot make it on time. Usually I just ignore them if I know I can arrive Laban Rata on time. If you start walking at 9 AM, you can arrive Laban Rata around 2 PM. It is ok to arrive Laban Rata at 5 PM, so I take my time walking leisurely, taking pictures around.


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