Orang Utan, Sandakan Sepilok

Many come to Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre for half day just to see the Orangutan, and then quickly depart for next destination. But Sepilok is more than just Orangutans. It is a virgin rainforest reserve, so you also can see other wild animals such as hornbills, snakes, lizards, tortoises, sipders, and many interesting bugs. There are a few jungle trails that open for the public to experience at Sepilok.

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Title: Feeding Time
Format: Windows Media Video
Length: 33 sec
Description: The best time to see Orang Utan to show up. Watch Now!

Title: Stealing Food
Format: Windows Media Video
Length: 38 sec
Description: The naughty monkeys were trying to take something without asking. Watch Now!

Title: Sharing Food
Format: Windows Media Video
Length: 31 sec
Description: The leftover food become the picnic spot of a pig-tailed macaque monkeys family. Watch Now!