I really have limited time to blog since last Monday, the first day I reported to my new job. Even though I have Internet access during work, I don’t think it is right to use office time and resources for my personal stuff. When I put on my shirt (covered with dust) for work, many friends can’t recognise me already, coz I was always running around with jean and T-shirt only.

The first 3 months will be the critical period for me to catch up with the office operation, so I will spend less time on blogging. Well, it is just a choice between rice bowl and hobby, I got to feed myself first right. BTW, I guess most Sabah bloggers have received an invitation e-mail from Nuffnang about the KK Bloggers Meet at WaterFront on July 6 (next Friday). This is a first-time event and many fellow bloggers are quite excited about it. I think I will be there. The gathering is open for non-bloggers as well, so I hope you all can join the fun too. To make sure you have a seat, please confirm your attendance by 28th June 2007 by contacting Gallivanter or Jacq.

No matter what, blogging will still remain my hobby and I will try to make time for it. In fact, I will start up another new blog. As you know, to stay focus, every post in is “strictly” about Sabah, but this also becomes a constraint for Sometimes I want to blog about things such as computing, which can attract more potential readers (millions of Internet users). It will be a “waste” if I only post it in, which only has a few hundreds Sabahan readers (my web report says I have 5,000 to 7,000 unique visitors per month, but I have doubt with its accuracy). I always have a “scrap-book” with me, so I can write down any new idea for blogging anytime (especially during TV commercial break). Sometimes I just write down a blog topic, then adding more notes, in bullet point format, if I got any new inspiration and ideas in future. Once the content is complete and rich enough, I will write a proper blog and post it online. So far I have compiled a list of 130 topics for my NEW blog. I will write it in English and Chinese versions. Hope this will happen. You will see…

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  1. Hi,I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I really enjoy it!!!Thank you so much for sharing all the latest news about Sabah. I’m very impress with your hard work in this blog. Eventhough I am not in Sabah,I don’t feel being away from Sabah anymore.Keep it up.!I had bookmark your webpage.LOL

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