Weird Tree

I found this odd tree near the pool of Sabah Museum. It got roots that are extended from the branches all the way down 30+ feet into the water. The tree grows just next to the water, so it should have no problem getting plenty of water. Why it needs such root to get more water, isn’t it redundant? Or they are used for other purpose?


3 thoughts on “Weird Tree

  1. There are trees like that, where their roots extend from the branches but I forgot its name. Learnt it in science class I think somewhere between form 1-3. I can’t remember.

    On another note, us village people said these kind of trees are usually haunted because ‘they’ like to swing between these roots. Have you ever heard of this Smoke Head?

    Growing up in a village there are a lot of supernatural stories I heard that scared me so much, my friends here in the peninsula never heard of such things though. But then again they grew up in the city, so I wonder whether this is a Sabah people thing. What’s your opinion? 🙂

  2. i saw alot of those brances/roots that over hang rivers during my trip up the kinabatangan river, the guide said its actually a creaper/vines , not the original tree root which is hangs on to, to get sunlight.
    supernatural.. yes… heard about it emily, even burning elephant dung is a no no. if u wanna cut the big big tree need to sacrifice a piggy or a chicken

  3. emily, i personally never see such thing. from what i heard, trees with rope-like branches / roots hanging can be haunted, so are bamboo, banana tree n fan palm. my grandfather told me that he saw white spirit wearing hat climbing up n down on such tree. u can say his vision got problem coz he never lied to me.

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