Unpleasant View

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Sometimes I can’t understand certain people. I have a weird neighbour who got a cat as pet. He did not sterilize them, so one cat becomes three cats, three become six… and started to create problems for the neighbourhood. I believe he does not feed the cats properly. What his children do is – when it is feeding time for my dogs, they will put the cats near our gate, making them to steal food from my dogs. For this, I can tolerate. But these cats like to rest on the top of our cars, and wee wee and poo poo there. The smell is so unbearable coz it got into my car…

Smelly Stuff

We complained to him last month and he promised unhappily he would dump all the cats. But he didn’t take any action. A few days ago, one of his cats died on the road. Somehow I think he purposely placed the death cat near to our fence and face to our cars, so we saw it in the morning before we drove to work. For 2.5 days, he just left the death cat rotten. Sometimes we saw him walked out to check out the smelly cat and looked at our house with a victorious smile on his face. Due to the hot and wet day, the body quickly became smelly and inflate like balloon. Finally he removed it this morning (like the size of a dog already). I have no idea why he was doing such funny thing. Probably he thought we killed his cat. But I swear we didn’t…

5 thoughts on “Unpleasant View

  1. I have a crazy neighbor too! He has lots of dogs..front, back and inside the house and I suspect he doesn’t bathe them. The dogs stink! Worst, he likes to light fire to burn something in the open area next to the drainage which is very near our house and another neighbor’s house! There was once where the other neighbor quickly put out the fire started by this crazy neighbor as the fire became quite strong and that poor neighbor thought it was going to spread and burn his house! Not only that, this crazy neighbor even likes to do petty things like secretly complain other neighbors to some kind of authorities! One of my neighbor did some kind of renovation in his own house and the crazy neighbor complained to some kind of authority to check them out! Another time, we just temporarily leave out some dry grasses outside our house and we were being complained! Another incident where our house area was a bit higher than his so when raining or washing something the water will flow a bit to his area and he complained as though we purposely did it! I think my neighbor is far worst than yours! He sees a peck of dust in other people’s eyes but doesn’t see a log in his own!!!

  2. well my neigbour takes care of their dogs and chicken by spraying them with ridsect to kill all the ticks!!!
    anyway… should have just poured kerosin on the poor dead cat and burn it, before it becomes a health hazard

  3. If they are here, SPCA can sue them :-/ I really hate those that want to keep pets but doesn’t want the responsibility that comes with it. >_>

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