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China Product
(Below is not a real story. But the product is REAL.)

All the managers of a China factory were having a management meeting…

Ah Bang (Marketing Manager): “We got more and more international customers and most of them do not know Chinese language. We have hardtime to make them understand our product coz everything is written in Chinese.”

Boss: “I thought of that many times many years ago too (try to act smart). So what is your suggestion?”

Ah Bang: “Though they don’t understand our language, they know ABC. We can translate our product name and description into English.”

Boss: “Oh ya… translation. That makes perfect sense. Let’s start with our product packaging. Ah Bang, I let you fully in charge in this!”

Ah Bang: “Yes, Sir!”

The translation is done in less than an hour, impressively fast. Now the whole world can read their writing.

Click Here to see the translation >>

6 thoughts on “Translation

  1. correction of the name of Mangkabong bridge (mang-ka-bong). not Mangabong. kasi betul itu nama ok….

  2. muahaha…

    i love ur ‘not real’ story…it makes the picture ‘alive’….

    haha…u r good in joking…hehe
    maybe we can laugh loudly together if we see each other…haha

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