Top 10 of Year 2006

Top 10 I hope now it is not too late to do the review. No matter how often you visit, I don’t think anyone of you are able to finish viewing everything in my blog. FYI, now has over 8,000 photos, 300 blogs and 100 video clips. I don’t want my readers miss out the best part, so I hand-pick 10 blogs which I consider as good. Enjoy!

1. Funniest Video
Top 10
Kung Fu Mantis
The must-see video clip. The photo version of the fight won a special award in photography contest.
2. Most Visited
Top 10
Miss Kaamatan Beauty Pageant
I don’t know why. According to the hit report, this photo gallery always stays in top 3 most visited page for many months.
3. Best Coverage
Top 10
Unduk Ngadau 2006
For this project, I went to Kota Marudu, Tawau, Kudat, Menggatal, Penampang, Putatan and Monsopiad. I even joined their Gala Night.
4. Most Adventurous
Top 10
White Water Rafting in Padas River (20060210)
I paid to have thrill drowning in muddy river. The terrifying story is broken into part 1, 2, and 3. New video is added.
5. Most Exciting
Top 10
Scary Fun Fair
I thought I would die of heart attack when I played this game. I got serious air-sick instead. New video is added to bring back your nightmare
6. Most Special
Top 10
Fiddler Crabs
First time ever, the most beautiful photo collection of Borneo fiddler crabs is available online. They even have a shop.
7. Funniest
Top 10
When Uncle Police Not Around
Based on readers’ responses, this should be one of the funniest blogs of No harm to read it again.
8. Scariest
Top 10
Deadly Sea Snakes of Sabah
The yellow-lipped sea snake is one of the most poisonous snakes in the world, and I was only a few feet away from dozen of them, alone. The nearest hospital is 20km away.
9. Sexiest
Top 10
Sabah Bikini Models
Three gorgeous local bikini models prove that Sabah girls are hot and sexy too!
10. Best Photo Gallery
Top 10
Pesta Kaamatan 2006 have been providing the best photos of Kaamatan Harvest Festival for 2 years, and they rank high in Google.

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