Tamu Budaya and Murut Cultural Center, Tenom

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I didn’t update my blog yesterday because I was in Tenom. I found a “Tamu Budaya” (Cultural Native Market) advertisement on Daily Express. The event was held in Murut Cultural Centre of Tenom for 2 days (Oct 1-2), and it said there would be many “acara menarik” (interesting programmes) such as open market, traditional sports, hardicraft sales. I was quite excited and packed my stuff to move in the next morning.

I was taking a bus in Kota Kinabalu at 8 AM. Most of the road is on the hill so the bus was in zip-zap motion 90% of the time, turn left, turn right, up, down… I didn’t have my breakfast so my stomach was like an empty bottle half-filled with gastric acid. While the bus moved, I could feel the liquid inside spin and it almost came to my throat. And the bus kept playing the same anonying music CD for a dozen times. I didn’t puke but I got headache. After 3.5 hours of torture, they dropped me in front of the entrance to Murut Cultural Center, just 13 KM before Tenom town.

Happily… I thought the paid off time has come. It would be a lot of exciting programmes waiting for me. By the time I reached the venue and saw the Tamu below, my high spirit was like falling from a 1,000 feet cliff, broke into hundreds of pieces… WHAT!!! I travelled over 100 KM just to see this?!!!

Tamu Budaya

Very disappointed indeed… but mine is a small case. I remember many years ago, there was a so called “International Trade Fair” organised in Sabah Trade Centre. When I got there, a very angry-looking foreigner approached me and asked me if I knew the organiser. He showed me a very impressively designed advertisement about this “International” Trade Fair, and said, “Look at this ad! It said there were exhibitors from all over the world. That’s why I came all the way from Iran to find some business opportunities. BUT WHAT IS THIS!!!” He pointed his finger at the site. I looked looked, there were only 5 or 6 small booths selling kerompok, handicrafts and other cheap pasar malam items. I didn’t see any exhibitor from other countries… Such a poor guy.. wanted to cry already but I didn’t know how to comfort him. His boss in Iran would be very mad too. Now I could understand better how he felt.. If I were him, I would not go home without seeing blood. 🙂

After all, I was already here, so I took a walk in Murut Cultural Centre. FYI, there is a Murut museum on the second floor. Photography is not allowed so I could not show you what are in there. The admission is free. You could see some antique jars used by Murut for burial, making Tapai rice wine, and food storage. It also displays some 100-year old photos of Murut people, their history and historical sites, plus some documentary and items about the Murut sub-groups, costumes, weapons, and handicraft motif. The motif is like the pattern in the picture below. Actually each of them carries a meaning, most are related to nature, people and their daily activities. The tour only took 30 minutes. After that, I took a mini-bus (ticket costs RM1.00) going to Tenom town, had my lunch there, then went back to Kota Kinabalu at 4 PM. The whole day I was sitting in bus for nearly 8 hours. It was already 8 PM by the time I reached home. Very sick and tired..

Tamu Budaya

Photos taken in Tenom, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

6 thoughts on “Tamu Budaya and Murut Cultural Center, Tenom

  1. i am not surprised at all, Tenom is really a long way. i am amazed the bus can get there in 3 1/2 hours!! it took me about 2 1/2 to drive to keningau, with tenom like another 100km further.
    drove there listening to hits.fm the whole time. maybe should invest in a mp3 player huh? at least u can listen to reruns of your own songs?
    as for the sabah trade centre incident… i dont think i was there yet right?
    i really hope u had something special to eat in tenom town. is the shops all wodden like beuford or all upgraded to brick n motar like keningau?

  2. Don’t underestimate the long distance bus. They can be very fast. Unless you expect them speed over 100KM/H. 🙂

    The Sabah Trade Centre incident was happened like 6 or 7 years ago… if I am not mistaken. I am sure that I saw the Sabah government logo on the ad. In fact, Sabah does not have the facilities to host true international level exhibition. If we do that, we will hear something explode and the whole city will blackout.

  3. The 3.5 hours bus trip was nothing compare to the trip I have taken from KK to Lahad Datu when I was in Sabah. The trip was 2 hours to Kundasang, which was fine, plus another 5.5 hours straight to Lahad Datu. That 5.5 hours is really a torture. I remember on the seventh hour, I was like ready to throw out. I was feeling not comfortable then but with some minyak angin, manage to reach Lahat Datu in one piece. I was there to visit my friend and that trip really open my eyes. I have learnt my lesson and my trip back, I took the plane, a fokker.

    What I can say here is that this is what we get in Sabah and no other place.

    P/S: Heard the trip to Tawau using bus would take about 12 hours, try it before?

  4. You mean that purple color big bus? 12 hours on the bus… I don’t think I want to do that. My 6 hours bus trip to Sandakan was already a nightmare.

  5. just bupped into this while netting ‘tenom’ on googles…to tradewind,FYI keningau to tenom only takes 30mins ride..no need to spend on new mp3 player tho’ sing negaraku 5 times n u’ll reach there without knowing it..hehe. and theres no more wooden shops say for 6 years now..u should come there sometimes, theres always something special to eat at Tenom…the chicks r amazing too..

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