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I was in Tenom town for 3 days last week. It is a peaceful and quiet town. The cars in Tenom are very slow. Even if you purposely stand in the road and let them knock you down, you won’t die one. Haha… but don’t try it lah ok. There are plenty of groceries shops around too, many are run by Chinese.


I noticed there were many Murut and Chinese living there. A few Murut even spoke Hakka (a Chinese dialect) to me. Seem like they mix quite well together. The Tenom people are very friendly and helpful. Probably my face looked “new” to them, they were very curious about me and talked to me.


Most kopitiam (coffee shops) here open to serve breakfast and lunch only, and they close in the evening. This made my dinner time a bit difficult. I had to walk a long way to another end of the town, which was near to a night market, to find restaurants that still opened.


Besides going to the Pesta Kalimaran and Tenom Agriculture Park, I also checked out their Ontoros Antanom statue in the town. Ontoros Antanom is a Murut hero. He and his warriors were killed in the battle against British colony. Tenom is a famous agriculture area, so I paid a visit to their market too, just to see their fresh vegetables, fruits and some local products. In the morning, you can see the fog covers the Tenom mountain range, very nice view.


I also went to the Pesona Hotel (formerly Perkasa Hotel) on the hill top, where you can see the whole Tenom town. I was informed that Pesona Hotel also got a Rafflesia Park. Yes, you can see the Rafflesia, the biggest flower. But they were not blooming when I was there. Too bad…


Tenom is a small place. One evening my Tenom friend called me to beer beer. But I just had my dinner in a restaurant and still could feel the tapai in my stomach so I didn’t go. When I walked out, I saw him sitting outside. In the following day, I was stucked in the Agriculture Park coz it was very hard to get a bus there in the evening. When I worried about how to get back to town, I saw a friend and his family walked in. Very surprising, I didn’t see him for year and never expected seeing him here. Thanks God. Of course I requested him to give me a ride.


Tenom got a train station, where you can take a train back to Tanjung Aru Terminal in Kota Kinabalu. The fare is about RM7.50, and the ride takes about 3.5 to 4.5 hours. If I am not mistaken, they depart at 10:15 AM and 2:50 PM.

2 thoughts on “Talk Talk Tenom Town

  1. How could you have missed the sparrow and their dropouts? They are just everywhere in Tenow!

  2. Haha… ya oh. Forgot to take photo. The sparrows do a very good job on marking the wire trail on the ground. 🙂

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