Taking Sunset Photos

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Crab Love I think Tanjung Aru Beach got really beautiful sunset. However, it is very hard to “predict” the view to capture the best moment. You never know what you would get. Sometimes the sky was too cloudy, cloud too thin, sunlight too bright, too dark, colour not rich, bad weather… Until now, I still haven’t gotten any sunset shot that I am really happy with. 9 out 10 times I went home with disappointment. Below are a few of my “failures”. They are not good work but might be interesting to look at… The texture and pattern of the cloud was really nice. What was missing was a stronger sunlight, or perhaps a good photographer.


4 thoughts on “Taking Sunset Photos

  1. smokehead, this is what you can do, take a tripod, and frame your shot. set ur camera to shoot for the next 30-40 minutes to auto shoot 1 frame per minute.
    i have honestly shot freehand, but did not get the shot i see with my eyes into the picture.

  2. I knew many mainlahd Chinese considered Sabah one of the world’s top 3 spots for viewing sunset, and many in fact traveled to Sabah specially for that. Perhaps STPC should organise a photo competition with this particular theme.

  3. hi forest, ya, i heard someone said that too. i wonder where is the ranking coming from and who else are on the top 3 spots. many kk people also dunno this.

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