Poor Mouses

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Finally, we finished off the last mouse in our kitchen. A number of four of them have been living in our kitchen for weeks. They ate our food and walked on our plate and bowl. Then my father used poison to kill them all. Actually I don’t like this method coz the mouses may die in a well-hidden place. We don’t know it until we “smell” its rotten body.

Death Mouse

I remember I saw a fat rat as big as a cat, somehwere in a KL street. I could not believe my eyes. Too bad I didn’t bring my camera. It is quite common that the mouses running under your table when you makan in mamak stall. They are really good climber. I have personally seen them used telephone wire to move from one house to another, and also eating the fruit on the tree.

Well, most of us hate rats and mouses. But there are two interesting things I find about mouse. The first thing is that they are not “racism”. A long time ago, we had white mouses as pet and one of them ran away. After one month, I heard loud noise from the roof. I knew these were the damn rats playing on the roof again, so I used a torch light to point at them to scare them away. What I saw surprised me, I saw our long-lost white mouse was running away with a group of 3 or 4 other brown mouses. Seem like it mixed quite well with the new gang.

The second thing is mouses really care about one another. When a mouse is in trouble and cry for help, other mouses will come to it. But very sorry lah, I am kind of exploiting their kind nature. That’s why I like to use mouse glue. If one mouse is trapped, the rest will come to help and end up all being trapped too. So I usually could trap 3 to 5 mouses in one night. That’s quite cruel to send their whole family to… They are actually kind animal, so they should go to heaven, right?

5 thoughts on “Poor Mouses

  1. Ah! I’ve totally forgotten about that, sorry! 😛 Umm… its midnight now so maybe tomorrow noon when the sunlight is strongest lol! Stay tuned~~

  2. OK! Part two of the hautings:

    One midnight while trying to sleep me and my roommate heard a girl screaming. Her scream was so bloodcurling as if she was dying from pain. But we thought it was just the girls playing, its very normal of these wild girls to play and yell at each other. The screaming goes on and on and we were angry.

    The next day in class we talked about the incident. Everyone heard it except people from block C (There are 4 blocks, A, B, C & D) We find it illogical since C is situated in the middle. If peope as far as A & D can hear it, there’s no way C don’t hear anything.

    A high school friend of mine staying in C told me she didn’t know as she was already sleeping. However, her roommate was up and studying but she didn’t hear anything. In fact, because of the screams the security guard stationed at B (my block) walked all the way to C to investigate cos apparently the scream originated from there.

    She saw my friend’s roommate awake and asked her whether she heard anything. The roommate said nothing at all o_O

    3rd case, my classmate living on the second floor has a balkony. But it was quite high up from the ground and there isn’t any tree nearby. She told me sometimes at night she and her roommate always hear ‘someone’ knocking on the balkony door as if wanting to get in.

    4th case, after buying food from the canteen I was on my way back to my room. On the glass door I saw a reflection of 3 young children in white playing. I turned around to look at the canteen but I don’t see any children there nor hear any children voices.

    5th case, my high school friend’s roommate often saw a black humanoid figure in the mirror when she’s brushing her teeth at night. When she turned to look there wasn’t anything behind her.

    6th case, someone from block A said when she went into the toilet at night… She was shocked to see ‘herself’ coming out of the toilet and smiling back at her, then the other ‘her’ vanished somewhere at the stairs O_O

    There, happy Smoke Head? 😀

    Did you know Hotel Airport View is haunted too? I’ll tell my story next time 😉

  3. me read your story at 12am last nite. so scary man… pls tell me they are not real..

    not everyone can see ghost. i m not even sure if i seen one. but starting last year, before i get sick, i would see white shadow first. that had happened 3 times.

    the 1st time i saw it was in perkasa hotel. do u know the transparent alien in Predator? just like it, i saw a human-like transparent figure walking to the bathroom.

    that’s was one time i watched tv upstair at home and the edge of my eyes sensed someone pass by the door and walk into the toilet. i thought it was my sister but when i checked the toilet, nobody inside.. probably i was just too tired… i dun know..

    come, come, part 3… 🙂

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