Photo Exhibition

After taking the photos of Bikini babes last Sunday, I also went to the Photo Exhibition organised by SPPS (Sabah Professional Photographers’ Society) in Palm Square of Centre Point Sabah. Actually this was the 4th time I visited the exhibition done by SPSS this year.
Photo Exhibition

Photo Exhibition I had seen most of the photos in the last three exhibitions, so not many new things to me. But the photo (see the left), with the title of “The Sunset of the Land Below the Wind”, caught my attention. I think most KK people know this fish statue near the Central Market. I also see it very often. Everytime I just passed by and never thought this statue can look so nice… It was taken by the popular photographer, Victor Wah. I wonder if he used any special filter or technique to capture the sun ray in such form… Anyone knows?

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  1. My guess would be: he staked out the place and waited for the exact moment that the sun’s rays would be close to horizontal and shot the sucker using a wide angle lens.

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