Only in KK

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It is so easy to spot the dangerous vehicle on the Sabah road. I got this picture at the traffic light near Karamunsing Complex. This is my 3rd photo about the ignorant drivers on the road of Sabah.

Ignorant Driver

Previous photos:
Photo 1: One thin line to accident (near Likas)
Photo 2: Overload Lorry (near Sabah Port)

If there is any bad thing happens, they will attribute it as a “God Act” accident and they won’t think they need to responsible for the consequences. Another thing is – all these photos were taken very near the KK city. Kota Kinabalu is not really a big city. Why is it so hard for the authority to monitor and control this?

2 thoughts on “Only in KK

  1. you take that photos around KK huh? you can see even worst case scenerio in Kota Belud road. Cow + Lorry + very old and slow Pickup.

    later i try to show you one lah.. ha ha

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