December 3, 2021

On the newspaper again

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Click to Zoom In My article on Pesta Jagung (Maize Fest) is published on the newspaper today. If you would like to read the content, please click the newspaper on the left to see the bigger picture. This is the 4th article already. My photos are not only available on the net, and also available on the newspaper. All brought to you, by Haha… sound so corny.

FYI, my previous blog and photos about Pesta Jagung are at:

11 thoughts on “On the newspaper again

  1. sorry lah. i don’t subscribe to daily express so i am not sure what they need. i choose chinese newspaper coz i can write better in chinese and i am a subscriber so i know their article format and the things that interest them. but i hope i can write one for daily express someday.

  2. 🙂 thanks rinerakan.

    rainbow, i haven’t gotten the payment yet. they asked me to look for the chief editor to make the claim but i am quite busy lately and kept on postpone..

  3. Smoke Head, you mean the photos + captions are done by you, but the layout on the paper and which photos to use and size is done by the editor?

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