My Favourite Toilet

If a guy loves to expose their private part, he can consider using the male toilet in 4th floor of Centre Point Sabah. Just look at pictures below for the layout of the two toilets. Whenever a woman go to or leave the female toilet, she will passby the male toilet and get a nice view.



First time I didn’t realise it and used the urine bowl, until I saw a lady passby (so shock that almost pee in my pant). Of course I don’t mind them to see lah, but I was just afraid they would misunderstand something if they see me shivering. Haha… Well, just get used to it. It has been more than once that the aunty cleaner mopping the toilet floor when I was doing number 2 (I came in first OK). Hope the architects use their brain if they design a public toilet. For ourselves, the solution is simple, just don’t use it.

I remember one of the hotels in KK had the similar problem. If a guest opened the toilet door when I was sheshe, I can see the lobby, and all the people in the lobby can see me. I think they have fixed this problem already.

4 thoughts on “My Favourite Toilet

  1. How about the toilets at Wisma Sabah, nearest the windows? Practically everybody on the ground and Gaya Centre can see you doing your thing cos the glass window is too low!!!

  2. yeap! sometimes even can see inside the guy toilet thru the mirror reflection! and it is facing the walkway.

    Hehe.. sometimes can see free show~

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