License to Kill

Bas Berhenti-Henti What this “BAS Berhenti-Henti” sign telling us is — this bus can violate the traffic law and stop ANYWHERE, ANYTIME on the road. If you kiss its back and got killed, it is your fault coz you ignore the warning. I don’t understand why the authority permits the use of such sign that indicates that it intends to break the law.

Similarly, I can wear a sign “Murderer”, walk on the busy street, and kill anyone that comes close to me. Those people deserve to be killed coz they ignore my written warning. And I will not need to responsible for any lost of life.

3 thoughts on “License to Kill

  1. They should have bumper stickers for cars too, which says ‘Queue Jumper’ , as they would cut into your lane just suddenly to jump the line. Happends alot at the road from stadium likas going towards Tshung Tsin.

  2. As terrible as traffic in Sabah, they still can’t beat the traffic in KL.

    Although Bas Berhenti-Henti is dangerous, they exist simply because of the way Sabah is. Look at the state, there isn’t many bus stops and houses are spread wide apart. Until our infrastructures are improved, sad to say these buses will be here to stay.

  3. we are already short of many things. it is depressing to hear that we don’t have enough bus stops.. 🙁 no wonder mini bus like to jam the road, as they don’t have many places to stop..

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