Happy KK City Day

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More happy stuffs coming… There was a KK City Day Celebration in Gaya Street until midnight, where firework was launched. Tell you, I am really a very lazy “photographer”. I dislike tripod. After shooting thousands of night scene photos that SUCK (thanks to my shaky hands that made all photos blur), OK lah, this time I brought my tripod along. Even though it added more weight to my backpack, the extra effort did pay off.

Below are some firework photos (takan 3 hours ago) to share with you. I like the first two photos the most. Seem like the firework this year got more variety. Not bad huh, this is already the 4th firework show for year 2006, but the crowd never get bored of it.



Click thumbnails below to see bigger picture:

Wah… almost 3 AM already. Going to bed now. Bye2.

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