Happy Chap Goh Mei

Happy Chap Goh Mei to all of you! Today is the last day of the Chinese New Year. Abang lion and naga will say bye bye. If you want more ang pow, today is your final chance. Whatever we have wished for, it is time we start to make them happen this year.

Click to Enlarge Today is also the Valentine’s Day of Chinese. Our ancestors really had great wisdom to choose the Valentine’s Day. Not only today got romantic full moon (15th day of moon calendar), month of Feb is also a warm spring time, the most suitable season for mating. According to the tradition, today the unmarried girls will smash mandarin oranges on your head to make you fall in love with her. In return, the guy will give his dream girl some chrysanthemum flowers. (If you believe me, that will be.. Hahaha…)

When we were cleaning house, I found a few 40+ years old sepia photographs of my mom during her time in KK Lok Yuk School. She was a Qi-Ling (Kirin) dancer and also knew “Kwang Ying Fist” kung fu. Sometimes she also performed in public. See the second picture below, it was her in the middle of the crowd. Click both pictures to view larger version. My dad always likes to tease her that was a “3-leg cat” kung fu, and my mom would fight back and said it was real kung fu and stress that she could break a brick with bare hand.

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Everyone is busy celebrating the new year and expect new things. However, it is also not bad to look back to the past too.

4 thoughts on “Happy Chap Goh Mei

  1. Yes, she was. she was the top student in class and sport too. when relatives saw Smoke Head, they would ask, “What happen to you then?”

  2. well, don’t say that…you are not bad, you have your own unique and good qualities in you 😉

    How did your dad manage to tackle your mom? Your dad must be the knight in shining armour beating the other long queue of contestants…hehe.

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