Haiya, you don’t know meh?

Imagine you call a customer support. They collect your personal info such as name, phone no, address. The next day you call them, they ask for the same info again, “What is your phone no. and address huh?” Next week you call them again, they ask for the same personal details again. I think at this point you will get very annoyed and want to yell, “Until now, you still don’t know me kah? Your company stupid kah? Don’t have customer database kah?”

Nowadays we talk about technology, we talk about connectivity. Government is pushing MyKad, promising that we will live in a new era that information can be readily accessed, to make our lives painless.

But if you look at the government forms, you will find that you need to fill in the same info again and again, for the same or different government department. By right, if we provide our name and I/C No., they should know our birthday, our sex, our race, our place of birth… Just wonder why they still ask for the same info in every form. We can change our birthday meh? We can change our race meh…?


I was really impressed by the efficiency of Singapore when I worked there. No matter I called for a cab or order a pizza, after I made the first order, next time I called, they would have the full details about me under their finger tips. “Ok, Mr. Smoke Head. The cab will arrive your place in 5 minutes, in front of tower B at XXX Condo, the same spot that you requested last time.” As a kampung boy, my mouth opened wide and speechless.

A few months ago, I ordered a pizza the third time from the same local fast food in KK. After 30 minutes, the pizza boy still didn’t show up, as expected. Later I got a call from him, “Hmm… eeh.. ah… how to go to your place huh?” Nevermind, I had prepared to repeat explaining the same thing (direction to my house) the third time. Sigh… Sabah Boleh? Boleh Apa?

14 thoughts on “Haiya, you don’t know meh?

  1. smoke head,did you realise that they never did standardise the forms, as u shown above, same info, 3 diff format.not to mention require irrelevent info also.
    i guess it the same with amazon.com, by your second order, they will already auto fill the postal address and type of postal service you require.
    thankfully telephone banking is quite good

  2. I think they trace your caller ID from your phone. It shows up on their phone system. Who called from where etc.

  3. they ask for your phone number when you call. apparently, they are using the phone number as the id for faster record retrieval. but they will also ask for your detail the first time you call.

  4. Hello pal,
    I’m living in NYC for almost 30yrs from KK, boy… let me telling you something buddy. Yes believe it or not, we still have to fill up forms or get ask the same questions over n over from any gov’t office here… security purposes idiot… To order chinese food or pizza… coz not… what a you, moron? they want your money. Talking about Singapore, people may be Singaporean book smart, I’m telling you, I was at the bus terminal Johor Bahru/Singapore( Msia side)2003, Singaporean don’t care, garbage all over, probably can’t read the trash sign… its was in English dah… but you know what Ignorance!!!
    yes thats the word and its for you pal.

  5. Smoke Head-you sound like moron too, you probably the same guy wrote this stupid article. All you do is critizing… like an old lady…grow up bitch

  6. hi malvin, it is my right to criticize and that’s the purpose of my blog. in case u dun know, i am the author of this “stupid” article. if u are not happy with my articles, u also have the choice not to read it.

    if u r unhappy, i will really welcome to let u to “correct” my points, so others can see why i am a moron. if u think people who like to criticize is a moron, then i have doubt with your IQ. your statement only makes me think that u r sexism.

  7. Hello Smoke Head,I happened to call gov’t office here in Sandakan a couple of weeks ago and when I called the next day,yes, the same girl ask me the same questions like my name,ID,DOB etc. I assumed they have my info in their data base including my DNA. I answered what was asked, everything went smooth.If I were on her shoes I’ll do exactly the same, its my job to ask,make sure I got his/her real identity before preceding. I think what Darius is trying to say in State in general, it is a very common practice when you’re making a call to any agency, it is safe to give out all your info but not the other way round.
    To Smoke Head,the editor/publisher or whatever you are, I wonder of your IQ too. I think you should look at the whole picture here, I will do more research if I were you. If your think your IQ is higher why not becoming a solver rather than a complainer.
    By the way, ever look the meaning of SMOKE HEAD used normally in most Southern part of US, well I know Darius will tell you, I can tell he/she(Darius) is laughing now.

  8. jimmy, thanks for the feedbacks. you do have the points. yes, i do admit that i am kind of looking for bone in an egg. that’s me, the fault finder.

    however, if extra questioning is for security and verification purposes, i dun think it is a good idea. this sort of so called security measure is so easy to break.

    for the matter on whether i have a high IQ, i don’t really care what others view me. i maybe arrogant (or even low IQ) but i never say that i am smart or clever.

    for using Smoke Head as nickname, whether i want to call myself Sucker, Moron, or whatsoever, it is none of your business. if u think it is funny, i will be glad that makes your day. if i stupid, even i call myself Dr. Smart also no use, just a mask anyway. so i will not give a damn abt your opinion.

    and the last point (become a solver), do u mean people who like to critize soccer player should become a soccer player too? what a lame suggestion.

    but anyway, i do appreciate u spend the time to correct me. u definitely smarter than that two morons. have a nice day.

  9. Hello Smoke Head,
    I don’t write/speak English well so pardon me,mix with Melayu sikit-sikit,ini orang bumiputra,article sound so anti bumi to me,used to hear it every now and then back in high school(late 70s early 80s. So very shock still hearing them, very negative attitude,this orang still exist. Why don’t we just standardise way of thinking. Technologi, Kita fikir kita high in teck, we are not, so sabar lah. Tengok saja elekson di Amerika, still not standardise throughout nation thats why they have wrongly elected their BUSH. Sabah boleh!!! Ya, Sahah Boleh kalau Sabahan lupakan negative dan teruskan positive yg. segar,itu saja, maaf kalau non-bumi tersinggong, Ini website sunggoh cantik sekali tapi semua konten/comments sunggoh sedih dibaca.

  10. hi Amat, thank you so much for your comment. the first thing i would like to clarify is – i am not anti-bumi. if in any way my article(s) make you feel that way, i apologise sincerely. it will be nice if u would kindly point out the offensive part, so i can remove it, to avoid misunderstanding. my parent is sino-dusun, so no reason i anti myself right.

    i do agree with you that most of my comments sound very negative. but if you look closely, you would find that less than 100 blogs are talking about the “sad” thing. this web site got 5,000++ pages / images that picture the beauty of Sabah. not too bad lah…

    i complain a lot. that does not mean i hate this land. i love sabah that’s why i keep on pointing out the negative issues in our surrounding. sabah is one of the most under-developed states of malaysia. so i also see no reason why shouldn’t i think negatively. if we want Sabah Boleh, the first thing we should do is to acknowledge / face all the problems and try to fix them all to improve. otherwise this is only a meaningless slogan.

    strictly speaking, i am not running a newspaper. instead, it is just a personal web site to share my thinking freely. if u don’t agree with my views, u can view me as a loser who makes silly comments and ignore me. no need to get so personal abt it ok. 🙂

  11. What the hell is going on. I love and enjoy reading every article publish here. its becoming my top 10 now. I’m not Sabahan but was in Jessolton(currently Kota Kinabalu), imagine long time ago. Pictures of Mount KK, wow…wow..beautiful. Smoke head keep up with the job. remind me so much memories. I’m from
    Holland, was in the Dutch army stationed in Tarakan, indonesia. had a chance to visit Sabah after the war. that is was call North Boreo. Sorry Smoke Head, I carry on here. Love to see old pictures of Sabah, during British time. Had sent web page to some friends. story of mine probably too boring but share it with your dad or may be grand dad, they know those time. know 2 works only
    terimak keseh

  12. hi melayu tulis, malaysians tend to be subtle and gentle on negative issues, so probably they dislike “radical” opinions like mine. anyway, glad to know that you like the site. n tq 4 ur kind words. really happy to hear that.

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