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Fire There are so many fire accidents recently. People lost their lives and valuable. Kind of scary. Two years ago, the house of my relative also burnt. Fire spreads a lot faster than we think. I took a fireman course before. According to statistics, the fire can totally burn down a house in 6 minutes. By the time bomba gets there, mostly the thing they can do is to “clean-up” or stopping fire to spread.

When a fire starts, basically we have less than 2 minutes to decide what to take away. Actually I have thought about it too. I put all my certificates, important documents, photos, etc. into a bag. If anything happens, I could take the bag and run. But cannot include my precious 5-star CDs and books collection, too heavy… 😛 Probably it is better to get a safe in the bank. There are certain things that if we lose it, money also cannot buy…

6 thoughts on “Fire

  1. bayau, the last thing you’d remember to take when there’s fire all around you is pictures!!!

    smokehead, yes, have better peace of mind if you have a safe deposit box. i did my own shopping a few yrs ago and found that Bumiputra Commerce at EPF Bldg is the cheapest, abt RM70 per yr for a space big enough to put jewellery, rolled-up docs etc.

  2. pinolobu, thanks 4 the info. i will definitely get a safe. did you read the news today? big fire in kudat…

    bayau, the ad so far brings me less than US50. not quite serious about it. it also slow down the page loading. i do consider removing them anytime..

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