Everyone Comes Scrub Scrub

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In the past, before automatic gear became common, some of my friends did not even dare go parking in certain shopping malls because they were so afraid of “climbing hill”, due to their poor driving skill.

However, driving our car downhill is also not that easy in certain places. I have been noticing those black bumper marks on the wall next to these lanes. I am quite amused coz I see the high correlation between the density of these bumper mark and the challenging level.

The trainer can use this as a guide to teach their students. JPJ also can consider include this in the driving test.


7 thoughts on “Everyone Comes Scrub Scrub

  1. i got to admit, promenade one is the worst, even their parking spaces are really small.
    smokehead… next u should do a special on those speed bumps that scrape the bottom of our cars.

  2. You forgot to include wisma merdeka. The back building (new phase) car park with a 90 degree turn is quite bad too. Last time I saw a young lady driver with a big four wheel drive scratched the side of her car quite badly when she turned. I could even hear the metal “krak krak” sound! Though not my car, I could feel “ouch!”.

  3. wah, that hurt. i also can feel her pain. ya, i miss that one..

    tradewind, the speed bump could be a good idea. hehe..

  4. i absolutely agree that promenade parking is the most challenging one.

    also when you exit the car park, the space where you have to turn before reaching the ticket booth is so tight only pro drivers can do it and be able to surrender the parking ticket without having to open the door, or step out of the car.

    car manufacturers need to build special cars for malaysia where the front wheels can turn at least 89 degrees left or right to suit the malaysian car park codes.

  5. 🙂 not only promenade, in other places such as kk plaza, we need good skill to take the ticket without step out of the car. i tot sabah got lot of land.

  6. kk plaza is scary. I thought i was on the way to kundasang hills. And when you reach the first available floor, you have to beware of cars driving towards you in search of parking lots.

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