Cloud with Message

I took this picture in Penampang on May 29 around 6pm. Its unusual form and shape stimulated my imagination, and I saw human, angel and devils in it. A little angel stays beside a man, to protect him from the devils. After a few minutes, the cloud moved and this “painting” disappeared… Do you see the same thing?

Cloud, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Photos taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

7 thoughts on “Cloud with Message

  1. Hmm… First… I saw blue and white… That reminds me of BLUE film… and WHITE collar…

    Later… I saw something peculiar… It’s… It’s… Spiderman? Nope! Superman? Nope… I think I saw this somewhere… KDCA? Ya! Smokehead! Ya!

    Then… I figure it out… It’s the same thing OVER my head…

  2. Hi there, my new found friend. Great … i can’t figure it out too… maybe I buta kot. I like watch it 4 times, i know there’s something there, but don know what it is. the cloud does look peculiar 🙂

  3. well, I dont see what you described but I do noticed 3D sort-of face figure(I see eyes, nose and mouth) on the top section of the clouds.
    I am seeing both faces and they are side by side and looking upward of different directions… they have that ‘hopeful’ expressions…yeah, you might think I’m nuts now. bah ok lah….ciao
    he he

  4. Sorry abt the late reply. busy with new job lately..

    heheh… keep looking. everyone will see different thing. u may not c what i c. yes, sumandak, i saw it at KDCA.

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