burning truck

Burning Truck

Whenever there is a car accident, there will be traffic jam. Even though the car in trouble doesn’t block the road, those busybody drivers will pass by slowly to take a closer look, without any intention to help, what the fuck. What are you looking at? 4D number or an “exciting” bloody scene?

Burning truck

Probably I should post a car accident blog there, so I can get many web traffic like traffic jam.

Burning truck

This accident, which happened around 5:30pm on 23 Aug on a hill road in Kota Belud, was a bit different. I was asleep on a bus. Then the bus came to a halt and I smelled very strong gasoline. In front of the bus was a long line of cars stopped by police.

Burning truck

Then I was told that a gas truck about 100 Metres away was on fire. Wow, gas truck on fire? Wasn’t it going to explode? As the fire got bigger, the crowd started to run and cars were back off further from the danger zone.

Burning truck

Feeling bored waiting, I just snapped a few photos. We were kept asking to stay away, coz the fire might cause the brake of the truck to malfunction. It would become a huge fireball sliding downhill.

Firemen rescued Burning truck

After 10 minutes, the firemen arrived and put off the fire in only a few minutes.

Firemen put off truck on fire

Burning truck

This case was never reported in local newspaper, so I wonder if it was really a gas truck and what caused the fire. By the time the traffic was clear and my bus moved on, I was trying to take a look of the truck. But the container of the truck was removed. It is quite amazing that the truck itself still looks intact. That’s it. Thanks for watching MySabah channel.

Burnt truck

Photos taken in Kota Belud, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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