Badtime Stories

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I went to Popular bookstore today and browsed some of the children story books. Many of them are popular stories that grew up with me. Dear friends, the world never stops changing, so are our culture, values and lifestyle. But how comes the child stories change so little? Still the same old stuffs… Probably it is time for us, not just educators, to rethink whether these classic stories can really inspire our kids and help them to develop a right attitude toward their lives.

Let me list a few funny stories that our kids read today:
Stupid Stories

Story 1. It is about a hardworking student who is hungry for knowledge and study day and night. If he feels sleepy, he will use a needle to poke his thigh, so the pain can make him stays awake to continue reading. Later he becomes a prime minister or someone important (probably with a high blood pressure and sick body).

It makes me sick coz this story indirectly implies it is ok to hurt our body. The story will let innocent kids think that knowledge is more important than health. IMHO, if we feel tired, then we should rest. I did try to study when I was sleepy and tired, but ended up reading the same page after an hour. “Go to bed lah if you feel tired, so you can read properly later. Health is more important. Being a book worm is not healthy”, you shall advise your kids… As people become more health conscious today, this story sounds stupid.

Story 2. Another silly story about hardworking but poor student… He cannot afford to buy a candle and lamp, so he cannot read at night. To solve this problem, he digs a hole on the wall so he can “steal” the light from his neighbour. This is obviously unethical, even though he has no intention of invading others’ privacy.

Story 3. The Cinderella story only portrays the women as someone helpless, weak, depenedent, passive and don’t know how to change their unfortunate lives. At last, she lived happily with princes. Why? Because she had a PRETTY face. No wonder even today so many women value their faces more than their knowledge, ability and health. Unlike the old day, nowadays female also has the equal right and opportunity as male, they have the ability to live independently and happily, without relying on prince charming. I will advise my daugther not to become someone like Cinderella.

10 thoughts on “Badtime Stories

  1. Although you got some points there but you have to remember that children’s mind aren’t as complex as us. Another way of saying it is that: They read the story, accept it and be happy. They don’t question stuffs as much as we do so I bet the points you raised never even crossed their minds one bit 🙂

    By the way, Sabah got Popular now? Yay! Where is it? 😀

  2. Remmember hansel and grete from grimm’s tales, well they pushed the witch into the oven!! well thats murder, but its ok in children story land. i guess the moral is, read it to the kids, get em to sleep

  3. that’s true that children are not that complex as us. but we should not underestimate the influence. their brain is like a sponge, trying to form a behaviour pattern based on the knowledge and message they got daily. they also use the characters in the stories as role models. we have to make sure they pick the right examples.

    yes, the thinking that i mentioned that may not cross their minds, but they have silently accept these pattern as the correct attitude for their life (they can’t tell if it is right or wrong). that’s why it is not ok to let children watch violence movies, though we think they are too young to understand the cruel world.

    you also need to remember, for us the adult, it is a bedtime story. but for kids, it is a morale lesson and this has long lasting effect on them. this story forms a blueprint for them to judge what is right, what is wrong. 🙂 sorry ah, me very serious on this coz i think this is a serious issue. in fact, the Cinderella story and its variants have been criticized by many modern educators.

    The Popular bookstore is on 5th floor of Centre Point Sabah.

  4. but Cinderella can cook and clean! Has pretty face, so stay home become trophy wife! No one else sees but the prince charming.

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  7. Tea – N, it is not the world has gone insane, its your mind has gone insane.

    The world is nothing else than what you an I vison on.

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