Dangerous truck

Bad, Bad Truck

Photos taken on the road to Tambunan. I think the “AWAS” (be careful) sign is for us, not for the truck driver. It carries something like metal pipes and dare to climb the slope, without getting them fixed in place properly.

Worst Vehicle

Where are the traffic police? Sleeping and only be the vote bank for Barisan National? So it is not a problem until someone die?

Worst Vehicle

Malaysians have a very funny way of defining “accident”. They assume every tragedy is an act of God. If anyone hurts, sorry lah, you are bad luck then, it is an accident not caused by human, and nobody should be held responsible.

Worst Vehicle

However, in US, this is called “negligence.” If you cause anyone hurt or die, no matter it is intentional or not, they will sue your ass until you are bankrupt. And they target the one with bigger pocket, the company, not the driver.

Worst Vehicle

Let me tell you a joke. A tourist is taking a cable car to cross a cliff. He sees that the cable is kind of old and rotten, so he asks the guide, “Look! The cable is so fragile. Isn’t it dangerous?” The guide replies, “don’t worry. We will replace it when necessary.” “When?”, the tourist asks. The guide says, “When this one broken.” This is a reflection of our authority who is poor in problem prevention. They will only start doing something when somebody die. Good luck, Sabahans!

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Photos taken in Tambunan, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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