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I admit that after 10 years, Astro has created some good local programmes. Recently they also launched a new satellite MEASAT-3, which claims to provide so-called better services. The free and new channels that they offer will be chargeable later. Tell you, I will NOT pay a single cent for it. Same as other monopoly bodies, sucking our money is their top priority, providing great service is something of secondary.

Astro TV

I don’t know what do they mean by improved service. But I do know one of the greatest services is their “Rain Alert” feature. When the rain comes, their screen will start to jerk, on and off, and emiting the annoying Gik-Gik noise. Then you will see the message “Services currently not available”, and it can last for half an hour. What is the point of giving us more channels if we can’t really enjoy them “safely”? HAAA!!!! 10 years… and nothing is done?

Photos taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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  1. I read somewhere that the problem is the type and distance of satellite from the earth’s surface. The Satellite Astro uses is the cheapest type i.e. lowest of the 3 satellite types. I am not sure if other satellite tv providers have better systems.

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