Are You Happy?

I read an article in Utusan Pengguna (Issue: Jul/Aug 2006). They reported that a worldwide research, which covered 65 countries, revealed that the average “Happiness Score”, of 400 richest men in US, and Africa Maasai nomad are the SAME. The result was posted in “New Scientist” magazine in 2003. It also said that despite the continuous advancement of technology since 1950, there was no significant improvement of happiness. In other word, people nowadays are not really happier than the people in 1950.

Picture Credit: “Utusan Pengguna” (Issue: Jul/Aug 2006)

Personally I believe that we can be very unhappy if we don’t enough money. But once money fulfills our BASIC needs, its impact is getting less and less, for every extra dollar that we earn. Our greed is unlimited though, any sum of money can’t satisfy it. As one says, “Nobody thinks that money smells bad.” However, I think it is wrong to say, “Money can’t buy happiness.” Yes, it can. Money is a resource, but it is just a tool to help us to get happiness easier. If we put an equal sign between Money and Happiness, we would start to lose happiness.

“Then How to Become Happy ah?” This is a million-dollar question. I am not an expert, so I can’t help you. IMHO, we can start with appreciating small things that we do every day, for example, enjoy your lunch slowly, praise the good weather, try to notice the small cool things around you… I feel sad when I see my friends eating their lunch so fast that I doubt if they know how it tastes. We work so hard to get food, but we don’t really enjoy our harvest. Being positive is also very important and don’t forget to be nice to yourself. But don’t overdo it that you lose all the motivation to progress. 🙂

You may say, “HUH? That’s it!!??? Cannot be lah. SO SIMPLE.” That is another problem. NOBODY BELIEVES THAT HAPPY CAN BE SIMPLE. They only believe that they will become happy if they win a million-dollar lottery, got a high income, own a luxury car and have a big house. Happiness is just a matter of choice. You can feel happy now if you choose to.

I once joined a seminar that talked about happiness. According to the speaker, there are two ways to make our life miserable and unhappy:

1) Compare Ourselves with Others
We feel good if others are poorer, stupider, unlucky… than us. We got jeolous if someone live a more successful life than us. Every day, we compare ourself with our friends, colleagues, neighbours… using them as a benchmark to measure our success. We are not happy with what we got currently and want to “win” others.

2) “Others Have So I also Must Have” Syndrome
Sometimes I think human is quite a dumb animal, they just follow what the majority says and does. The advertisements, TV, magazines and people around us never stop brainwash us with their standard of “Happy and Successful Man.” They keep on “educating” us, “If you don’t have this, you can’t be happy.” We think we will be happy and successful if we wear branded cloth, drive expensive car…

Aiya, writing too much already. OK lah, thanks for reading my wordy junk. Be Happy. 🙂

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