Ang Pow Na Lai

Money God Hehe… have you gotten many Ang Pow this year? I got some too. My friends and relatives already look at me angrily, who try to hide among the kids to grab Ang Pow, and say, “Hey, when is your turn O? You plan to take Ang Pow from me forever ah? Tak malu kah you?” Of course they are just joking. But to be frank, I also don’t know how to answer them.

I want to look for good photography subject for the Chinese New Year in KK. But KK was still like an empty city yesterday, all shops tutup kedai, boring… Luckily, there was an open house party organised by a political party in Likas Sport Complex. Thousands were flowing there for the free lunch, free drink, free show and Ang Pow (sorry lah, no free sex though). I went there to take free photo shooting coz the decoration there was very nice, and many interesting things around too. I post some photos here for you to feel the new year atmosphere in KK. Wah Lau… my page loading very slow already..

Nice Decoration


Dog and Liang Moi

Happy Kids

Time passes very fast. has started for half a year. I would like to take this chance to thank for all your support. Gong Xi Fa Cai and Thank You to Tradewind, Emily, Tomato, Moanster, Ah Tak, Pinolobu, Bayau, Babyjue, lhs, Rainbow, Lryna, Basil, eztoyou, Mylky, havuk, Rick, Anthony, rinerakan…. and all readers.

Lastly, Go Shit Fuck Joy to TM.Net too, for giving me the lousy StreamyX quality.

7 thoughts on “Ang Pow Na Lai

  1. thanks for the shouts 😉

    …i think from 1 week before CNY to chap goh meh i will have phobia everytime i hear (let alone see) the lion dance “music.” why? one example: on wednesday i had to bring my kid around almost all shops in tamparuli, following the lion going from one shop to the other.

    and i forgot to take video/photo of the lion being asked to drink beer. after drinking beer at 2 coffeeshops the lion was definitely drunk…not steady anymore….that was quite funny.

    on another note…6 months later how is the adsense? boleh challenge liewcf kah 🙂 i notice you planning to setup a webstore soon, hope it can take off.

    oops….this entry is getting too long – like a blog in itself already?!!

  2. pinolobu, haha… it will be interesting to see the drunken lions. i remember when i was a kid, i saw lion performance drunken step and “quickstep”.

    adsense still cannot bring me much income. i think i have limited my audiences to sabahans only. there is a chance that i will shut down and start to blog on something that can get more audiences ( + income).

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