Wild mangosteen of Borneo

Wild mangosteen of Borneo
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Mangosteen is also known as “Queen of Fruits” and most of you may have tried it. The skin of ordinary mangosteen is in purple color, as shown in photo below:

However, I only find out recently that there is a type of wild mangosteen only found in Borneo. It’s called Selabi (hope I spell the name right).

selabi fruit
As you can see in photo above, Selabi is in bright yellow color.

flesh of selabi
When you peel off the skin, you will see orange pulp, instead of the usual white pulp of common mangosteen. Selabi tastes similar to mangosteen but sweeter and less sour.

wild mangosteen tree
Above: The wild mangosteen tree.

wild mangosteen
wild mangosteen
Due to deforestation, wild mangosteen is now very rare.

You can see this fruit in Sabah Agriculture Park (Taman Pertanian Sabah) in Tenom. Hopefully the park will introduce this Borneo fruit back into our forest again.

Photos taken in Tenom, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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  • borneosurvivor

    You can update your feature about Pulau Tiga that there are a number of wild mangosteen trees growing on the island and one of the favourite fruits of the macaque monkeys & hornbill birds which live on the island!

  • Thanks Borneosurvivor for the cool info. Is it the same wild mangosteen shown in this blog?

  • williamw

    this is a cool looking fruit, do you know what its botanical name is?

  • Hi William, I wish I could answer this. But there was no label for this tree so I have no idea.

  • williamw

    thats ok maybe i can come see it sometime soon 😀 what time of year do you have most fruits there? 🙂

  • williamw

    i was wondering if it was possible next time u have a delicious fruit or two if you could send me some seeds? 🙂 williamwatkins01@hotmail.com write to me and let me know 🙂

  • Actually I seldom go to Tenom Park because it’s too far away.

  • For tropical fruits, usually Jul-Sep is good time. FYI, I saw Kesusu fruits in Feb but not sure if it fruits all year round.

  • Raul