Warning to Smokers: the Scariest, the Funniest and the Most Disgusting

You may notice the disgusting photos printed on cigarette packing. Every country seems to have different warning for smokers on the cigarette boxes. I think it’s fun to compare them side by side.

Therefore, I collect the cigarette boxes of Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand. Let’s see how different they are.

Warning: Disturbing content ahead. Viewer discretion is advised.

Second-Hand Smoke

For me, this photo is the least effective warning. However, it is the most “inspiring” as it makes you think of your family. Smoker dad may ignore any warning, but for sure he won’t want his child to pick up his bad habit. Child is more likely to become a future smoker if his/her parent smokes.

Translation: “Second-hand smoke will harm your family”

That really happens. Sometimes I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw some fathers smoked while holding a baby in their arm. Are they retarded or what?

Lung Cancer
Scariness: ★★

Every smoker knows smoking can increase the risk of getting lung cancer. Probably they hear this so many times, they are numb to the Lung Cancer warning.

The funny thing is – many heavy smokers never die of cancer. Personally I have seen so many people who live a perfect healthy lifestyle, they don’t smoke and drink, they exercise regularly, but they got cancer! This may have something to do with genes..

Scariness: ★★

Gangrene.. look bad enough. The Health Department wants to scare smokers so bad that they always use extreme photos, probably something that happens to 1 in a a million smokers? The warning looks so fake that nobody gives it a shit.

Heart Disease
Scariness: ★★

This warning doesn’t work so well either, though heart disease is No. 1 killer in our country. Smokers would think, “Huh? What? Isn’t heart attack for overweight dude?”

Bad Breath
Scariness: ★★★

This warning is not about fatal disease but it is more effective. Most smokers know they smell bad, though they can’t smell themselves. If smokers want to pick up a girl, their bad breath and yellow teeth are really a big turn-off. That’s why many girls don’t want a smoker boyfriend.

Besides, for front line staffs such as salesperson, having a stinky mouth won’t help their business (unless their customers also smoke).

Mouth Cancer
Scariness: ★★★★

This one is very scary for Malaysians, but not because of the ulcer. Malaysians are always hungry for food, not being able to eat will be the worst nightmare for us. They rather die of cancer than hunger.

Premature Infant
Scariness: ★★★★

Being a mother is a big responsibility. Parents always want to give their children the best stuffs. To save more money buying the best milk powder (very expensive nowadays!), many parents are willing to have only bread and plain water as lunch.

The “Premature Infant” warning definitely work for pregnant mother, but not for men.

The Scariest: Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction)

Here come the scariest warning. I don’t know why our Health Department never informs our citizens that smoking can cause impotence (Mati Pucuk in local language).

Translation: Smoking can cause Mati Pucuk.

Malaysians are not only hungry but also horny. If our wives knows this, they will definitely stop us from smoking hence less tax for the government.

Most Disgusting: Miscarriage

This is probably the MOST Disgusting Warning in the World. Personally, I think it’s very objectionable to show the photo of bloody dead infant publicly. The people who create such idea must be mentally sick!

The Funniest

How about seeing a photo of our “First Lady” on cigarette box? The following design is the funniest one but it is fake. I found this in Facebook of Only in Malaysia. You may check it out if you wonder what it says, haha..

80% of smokers thought of stopping. So, if you are a smoker, which photo above is the most effective warning to make you quit? 🙂

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