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Borneo Surf Festival 2015 by Rip Curl

I have been super busy in last two months and worked overtime almost every weekends to complete a few projects. Finally I can resume my regular blogging soon (yeah~). Before that, I would like...

Coconut Pudding 0

Coconut Pudding

After trying the BBQ Clams (Lokan Panggang) and Grilled Coconut (Kelapa Bakar) in Tuaran, I decide to try Coconut Pudding (Puding Kelapa) in second visit. You can order Coconut Pudding from most of the...

Grilled Clams 4

BBQ Clams & Grilled Coconut

The BBQ Clam (Lokan Panggang) & Grilled Coconut (Kelapa Bakar) roadside stalls in Tuaran always caught my attention every time I passed by. “They must be having great stuffs,” I think, when I see...