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Lottery Rock 5

Lottery Rock makes you rich

A car accident always causes traffic jam on the road of Sabah because many cars will slow down to copy the car plate number for buying “4D”. 4D means 4-digit lottery games (also known...

Long Pasia 1

Long Pasia – Deforestation (part 6 of 6)

Continued from Part 5… Final Notes In the movie “Avatar”, we’ve already seen how human greed can put the environment and mankind in threat. Unfortunately, this kind of scenario happens every day in Sabah....

Lundayeh Festival, Sipitang 24

Lundayeh Festival, Sipitang

There was a Lundayeh Festival from April 21 to 22 in Sipitang. Lundayeh is one of the indigenous groups of Sabah. To be precise, they are the indigenous people of Borneo coz they have...