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5 Reasons Why Sunset Cruise is Fun in Sabah

sunset cruise

Sunset is the most beautiful view of nature, and feeling rich and romantic are the two best life experience. Isn’t that exciting if we can enjoy all these at once in sunset cruise?

10 years ago, people didn’t get it why they need to go to open sea to watch sunset. Now sunset cruise is on the bucket list of many because of the following five reasons. I use a lot of photos of North Borneo Cruises here because they offer the best experience.

1. World-Class Sunset

Not all sunsets are the same. We had been taking our beautiful sunset for granted, until 3 years ago, a foreign writer featured Kota Kinabalu City (KK), capital of Sabah as one of the great places to watch sunset in a popular website.

Fire cloud of Sabah sunset

Fire cloud of Sabah sunset

Sabah is famous for its vibrant “Fire Cloud” sunset, a phenomena when the sinking sun photoshops the sky and cloud with intense red, yellow, orange, pink, and purple colors.

sunset cruise

“Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully.” ― Kristen Butler

During magic hour, you would see hundreds of people congregate at our beaches to watch sunset and take photos. And now you can find “sunset bar” in many resorts and hotels of Sabah.

Beautiful sunset at Kota Kinabalu Marine Park

Beautiful sunset at Kota Kinabalu Islands Park

Tourists enjoying the sunset view

Tourists enjoying the sunset view on North Borneo Cruises

Actually beach and hilltop are only the second best location to watch sunset. The Best Viewpoint for Sunset is in open sea, it’s like getting a front seat for a spectacular stage show.

Sunset in open sea

Sunset with panoramic ocean views

2. Feeling Rich

Most of us would never make enough money to buy a yacht, but I’m sure we all want to know how it feels to ride on a luxurious yacht. No doubt you will feel super rich on the 92-feet yacht of North Borneo Cruises.

Sunset cruise by North Borneo Cruises

Sunset cruise by North Borneo Cruises. Note it has 3 decks

With a maximum capacity of 100 people, North Borneo Cruises can host fairly big private function such as wedding, birthday, party and corporate dinner.

Guests enjoying the moment onboard

Guests enjoying the moment onboard

Your staffs will love you if you throw a company party on-board. This is far more fun and creative than a formal dinner in hotel.

“Sunsets are just little glimpses of the Golden streets of Heaven…”

VIP Room of North Borneo Cruises

VIP Room of North Borneo Cruises

Want more upper-class feel? VIP Deck boasts a private room equipped with a Karaoke audio and visual sound system best suited for birthday parties and business meetings of up to 30 people. The interior is decorated with motif of Borneo’s indigenous tribe.

Spacious and comfortable lower deck area of North Borneo Cruises

Spacious and comfortable lower deck area of North Borneo Cruises

The crews of North Borneo Cruises are friendly and treat us like a VIP. On this big yacht, we don’t need to fight for space with throngs of noisy tourists.

excited on a 92-feet big yacht

It’s hard not to get excited on a yacht

3. It is Romantic

Lovely sunset moment is best shared with your special someone. According to the “Love’s To-Do List”, watching sunset together is the most romantic thing couples do, followed by candlelit dinner.

Happy time on different boats (left: Sea Tango, right: North Borneo Cruises)

Happy sunset time on different boats (left: Sea Tango, right: North Borneo Cruises)

“The first stab of love is like a sunset, a blaze of color — oranges, pearly pinks, vibrant purples…” ― Anna Godbersen, The Luxe

Boarding to North Borneo Cruises

Boarding to North Borneo Cruises

You would tend to mimic “Titanic pose” of Rose and Jack. That might be a bit tacky lol.

rainy day

Though it was a rainy day, it’s still an enjoyable trip

Big yacht is great because it can remain stable in choppy sea, you don’t want your loved one gets seasick and vomit right.

sunset of Kota Kinabalu City

Not all sunsets are the same

Got idea for your next Valentine’s Day or Anniversary? You are welcome. 😉

4. Multi-sensory Enjoyment

Sunset cruise is more than just watching sunset. The tour operator has perfected it by making it a multi-senses experience.

Sabah sunset

“Sunset is the opening music of the night.” ― Mehmet Murat ildan

During the cruise, you will have sunset for your eyes, food for your mouth, and music for your ears.

food and music onboard

Sunset for your Eyes, Food for your Stomach, and Music for your Ears

Having dinner onboard

Another meaning of sunset is – it is about dinner time lol.

International dinner buffet served onboard

Sumptuous international dinner buffet served onboard

There is live band performance in North Borneo Cruises. Guests are very encouraged to join group dance for fun.

Party onboard

Party onboard with Bamboo Orchestra

If sunset cruise is only about watching sunset, a rainy day can ruin the whole experience, so it’s good that they have other activities on-board.

Group dancing in the yacht

Group dancing in the yacht

5. Sightseeing without Walking

Another bonus of sunset cruise is – you don’t need to walk to see the beauty of KK City.

Cruising around the islands before sunset

Cruising around the islands before sunset

You can admire the panoramic view of KK City from Sabah Port at the left to Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) at the right. Most landmark building such as Tun Mustapha Tower is in the view. In good day, you even can see Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain of Malaysia.

sea view of Kota Kinabalu City

You can see Kota Kinabalu City from the sea

The yacht will cruise around the most popular tropical island park of Sabah, i.e. Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, which consists of five islands.

sunset cruise in Sabah

“It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.” ― Bern Williams

Water village on Gaya Island is probably something unique to foreign tourists, they find it interesting that houses, mosque and school are built on the stilt platform on the sea.

sunset in Sabah

Sabah has one of the best sunset views in the world

At the end of the cruise, you would see the mesmerizing city light of KK on the way back, to mark a great ending of the tour.

Sunset Cruise along coastal area of Kota Kinabalu City

Sunset Cruise along coastal area of Kota Kinabalu City

How to Join

The sunset cruise of North Borneo Cruises (NBC) starts at 4:50pm and ends around 7pm. Personally I recommend NBC because it’s the best.

Sunset Cruise promotion by North Borneo Cruises

Sunset Cruise special rate promotion by North Borneo Cruises

Below is the contact for booking a sunset cruise with NBC:
Website: NorthBorneoCruises.com
Facebook: northborneocruises
Booking: AmazingBorneo.com
E-mail: info@northborneocruises.com
Tel: +60 18-6662009 / +60 16-5242009

Photos taken in Kota Kinabalu City, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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Food Trucks of Sabah

food truck

Two types of cars excited me when I was a little boy, i.e. ice cream truck and “Roti Van” (a type of van that sells variety of bread, pastry, candy, snack, and toys). However, these mobile shops had disappeared from my neighborhood for decades.

LOCA Food Truck

Some months ago, when I was playing Pokemon Go at Tanjung Aru Beach, a food truck caught my attention. It brought back my childhood memory, so I was happy to give it a try.

Food truck

Owning a food truck is like owning a mobile shop

It was LOCA food truck which sells focaccia (a flat oven-baked Italian bread product similar in style and texture to pizza doughs). I have tried all three breads on their menu. Personally I highly recommend their “Moo” bread with juicy beef.

food truck

Selling food without a shop is possible

In general, food trucks serve great food because they rely on words of mouth to attract more customers, so they can’t afford to be mediocre.

Food by LOCA

“The Sabahan” by LOCA Food Truck. It’s local favorite “sayur manis” sautee with mushroom, served with wild fried ginger and cheese sandwiched with Loca’s signature fresh focaccia.

Though food truck is common in overseas, it’s quite new in Sabah. If you are interested in special food that is served fresh and hot on the spot, the following is a list of food trucks in Kota Kinabalu City.

Simple cooking area in food truck

Simple cooking area in food truck

You may follow their social media to know their whereabout. They would come to your neighborhood soon!

Business On Wheels (BOW) Club

While ordering my food, I looked at the owners of LOCA food truck, Jonathan and Alexander. From the smile on their faces, they really love what they are doing. Later I learn that I was having a taste of their dream (food).

Food from Food Truck

“The Moo” by Loca: Locally inspired BBQ pulled beef served with locally grown pineapple sandwiched with Loca’s signature fresh focaccia.

You will see such food trucks getting more and more popular in our city. KW Machinery is the promoter behind this.

Delicious food from LOCA Food Truck

Delicious food from LOCA Food Truck

The core business of KW Machinery is selling imported heavy machineries such as cranes and excavator.

preparing food on food truck

However, their owner, Kenny Wong is really fascinated by mobile trucks and decide to build a community to encourage locals to start a mobile business.

Colourful food trucks

Colourful food trucks

He thinks mobile shop is a workable concept, and he just needs to motivate and help the budding entrepreneur to have a great start and sustainable business.

pink food truck

I know some of you are fancy of pink color. Yes, pink food truck exists.

Therefore, the food truck is sold at very affordable price, starting from MYR40,000. For that money, you get a car, and a mobile shop for free!

Latest model of KW Machinery Food Truck

Latest model of KW Machinery Food Truck

Because they want to promote Business on Wheels so they don’t set high profit margin. The food trucks are high quality Japanese cars designed for durability.

Food Truck for display purpose

Food Truck for display purpose

Besides, to make sure the owners to run their business successfully, they also offer training on business model and marketing strategy. For example, LOCA food truck was facing difficulty to generate sales in the beginning. After getting some advice on marketing, they are able to sell really well now.

Advantages of Food Trucks

I’m sure almost everyone has a dream to start a busine$$. Sadly, if without plan and action, 99.9999% of our dreams end up as a daydream.

Food trucks of KW Machinery

Food trucks of KW Machinery are high quality Japanese car

Even if you have a good plan to open a restaurant or shop, very soon you will hold back due to the high rental cost. The No.1 rule of business is good location, and that’s also the no.1 problem for start-up.

Food Truck: Jonathan (left) and Alex (right)

Food Truck makes the dream of Jonathan (left) and Alex (right) comes true

Therefore, the solution is Mobile Shop that allows you to run a business without paying expensive rent. KW Machinery has range of mobile trucks from 1 to 10 tons. Other than food, you also can sell other stuffs and services such as salon, clothing, cafe, mobile advertisement and events.

Food trucks of KW Machinery

Food trucks of KW Machinery

KW Machinery will teach buyers the proper way of running mobile truck business, for example, getting trading and mobile licenses.

Group photo of bloggers and KW Machinery Team

Group photo of bloggers and KW Machinery Team

It’s because the staffs there helped LOCA Food Truck whole-heartedly, they are no longer a “little potato” who works for others like nobody, Jonathan and Alexander said.

If you are interested in starting a mobile business, you may check out the social media of Business on Wheels (BOW) Club below:
Facebook: bowkw and foodtruckbaby
Instagram: @Bowclub_sabah
Workshop: bowworkshop.weebly.com

Special thanks to Kimberly for being the model in this post.

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