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Wong couple selling fig fruit in Tamu market of Donggongon 7

Giant Fig Fruit with Big Uses

Note: This article contains incorrect information. This fruit is not a fig. It’s a fruit under the genus Crescentia (蒲瓜), which is more related to Calabash or bottle gourd. My apology.) Medicines are bad,...

Sandakan Central Market 2

Sandakan Central Market

You can tell a lot about the lifestyle of local people by visiting their market. Just take a stroll in Sandakan Central Market (Pasar Umum Sandakan), after browsing hundreds of stalls with thousands of...

Pisang Goreng Cheese 0

Pisang Goreng Cheese (Fried Banana with Cheese)

Pisang Goreng (literally means Fried Banana, the correct translation is Banana Fritter) is the most popular snack for tea break in Malaysia. This sweet, crispy and golden dessert is made of banana that is...