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Tinimbuh 4

Traditional Food of Kuala Penyu

Kuala Penyu is a small town in south-west of Sabah, and majority of the population there are Dusun Tatana, Orang Brunei, and Bisaya people. Personally I call Kuala Penyu a “quiet corner” of Sabah...

Beaufort Mee (Beaufort Fried Noodle) 2

Beaufort Mee (Beaufort Fried Noodle)

Industrialization enables mass-production but it sacrifices the food quality. Luckily, some still hold the belief that human food is better made by human rather than factory machinery. That’s why food lovers really appreciate the...

Lottery Rock 5

Lottery Rock makes you rich

A car accident always causes traffic jam on the road of Sabah because many cars will slow down to copy the car plate number for buying “4D”. 4D means 4-digit lottery games (also known...