Sago Festival (Pesta Rumbia), Kuala Penyu

Miss Sago
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Map of Sabah Sago is the name of a palm tree, which is planted around Kuala Penyu, Beaufort, and Sipitang area. People also call Sago “The tree of a thousand use” coz you can use different part of the tree for making various items, for example, the leave as roof, branch as building material, trunk as food for human and livestock.

Sago Fest
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Therefore, every year Kuala Penyu organises a Sago Festival (Pesta Rumbia) at Sawangan Beach. I joined the one in last year too. I didn’t blog about it coz I didn’t have a blog that time. This year they also had the event at the same place from July 7 to 9.

Sago Fest
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The programme was quite similar to last year. The scale of the festival is slightly bigger than last year coz this time they celebrated it in Kuala Penyu, Sarawak and Labuan district level. The two most important highlight were the (1) Sago Buffet, and (2) Sago Beauty Queen Pageant. The “quality” of the contestants for the pageant improved a lot if compared to last year. Hope you will enjoy the photos.

Pesta Rumbia
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Besides, there were a lot of cultural dance performance by Bisaya, Dusun Tatana, Orang Brunei, Murut, and Suluk. You also could walk around to look at the exhibition of fruits, vegetables, handicraft, local products, etc.

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  • kucingkampung

    So UGLY! their dresses and make up. what a disaster.. Especially No.9, look like a S***. I pity her. and No.10 hairdo is like a beehive. Even the State Unduk Ngadau doesn’t look like that!
    Otherwise, all the girls look OK.

  • Smoke Head

    they were competing for the Sago Queen title so they needed to use sago stuff in their dress. so may look odd to some.

  • kucingkampung

    Hey smoke head,

    Are you going to the Miss Sabah Competition this sunday/16th July at Magellan?

  • kucingkampung, well, i dun think so, though i wish i could go.

    the cheapest ticket is RM200. i m broke ler…

  • Ryna Safitri

    save sea turtle in borneo ..